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Delayed Season of Another Chaldean Love

It’s that time of the year again! Chaldea is in a state of emergency once more as the female Servants gathered around the canteen block in hopes to borrow the kitchen for their chocolate production, much to the dismay of a certain red-clothed chef.


While trying to come up with a high-quality recipe for mass production together with several other Servants, Lady Murasaki together with the Master accidentally transported ray-shifted to yet another interesting situation, to no one’s surprise…


Along came the new Valentine’s Servant for the year, a super genki and bubbly Gal with a unique penchant for uplifting the craziness factor of an already weird and somewhat fun event.

Although it has been a week since the actual date itself, the Valentine’s Day event in Fate/Grand Order is still in continuation, at least until the next maintenance by next midweek. This is due to its late implementation of just a couple of days before the actual date, as well as a series of sorrowful RL events that befell my family for the past fortnight which further complicated my posting of this blog entry… 

Putting those aside, as per annual Chaldean tradition, once again as a Master of the Fate-verse, we will of course receive many unique Valentine’s and return gifts from our contracted Servants, with a given focus upon those newcomers since the last Valentine’s Day.


Similar to last year’s, each individual scenario accompanying each Servant’s heart-felt feeling upon giving you their Valentine’s/Return gift are fully voiced.

It still took me a full week’s of grinding for the event’s exchange materials in order to unlock all these scenarios though, thus the lateness of this blog post. Here’s a couple of them new ones that fancy my senses, you can watch the rest in my Youtube channel.

The aforementioned new Servant this Valentine’s, the genki girl Gal Kira-kira no Archer, is actually Lady Murasaki’s counterpart Sei Shonagon, another female literarian with a style in direct contrast to Shikibu’s…


With the power of a Yukichi, I managed to summon her to my Chaldea! Thank goodness! 

As a bonus, an extra of Orion dropped by just before Say Show Now Go On stepped into MyRoom… This marks my first ever acquisition of the rarest material of this mobage, the Blank Graph…

I doubt I can actually collect 10 of them to exchange for an SSR of my choice, as you’ll need to get dupes of your already maxed NP5 SSR like my Orion did before you can actually earn one… ^^;


Once again, a very happy Valentine’s Day to all of you celebrating… may your gacha be blessed with  Luck: EX.

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