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Real Life Level-Up and a Squeaky New Year

A boar-ing Terran year finally reached its peak, along came a squeaky Metal Rodent scuffling its way for another Zodiac cycle…

A very happy Lunar New Year to all of you and us who are celebrating this very prosperous season today!


Incidentally on this festive 1st day, I’ve hoarded enough experience points for the past year to distribute my skill points and level up again!

A regular activity for the past few years now since its inception, the newest addition of SSR Servants to my Chaldean family since my last birthday, joining together for some celebration with their beloved Master…

Many thanks to you all, my fateful companions! =w=

Did not try to roll on the gacha of Fate/Grand Order for this year today due to the lack of Saint Quartz reserves, thanks to the New Year SSR Servant HaoHao YuuYuu blowing a hole to my vault earlier this month. She did reluctantly joined my Chaldea in the end and wished me a happy birthday, so I’ll forgive her. orz 

Got several presents to reward myself over the busy and stressful past year, which include a couple of Gunpla kits (RG Nu Gundam Fin Funnel Set + 3rd Party Funnel Effect Parts and P-Bandai MG gold-plated Hyaku-Shiku Kai, the latter won’t be able to make it in time for today though…), as well as Wada Arco sensei’s newest artbook set, Wadamemo 4!

Originally sold during the Winter Comiket at the end of last year, I’ve asked a comrade of mine who was attending the event to fetch me a set, but unfortunately failed in doing so due to the sales limit of one per person of the queue… And he wanted one for himself too.


In the end I had to wade through Yahoo! Japan Auction site and got the artbook set through Buyee instead, but costed me triple its original price tag in total due to having to pay for double shipping fees and marked-up price by the seller… ^^; 


Nevertheless, the double Tama print for the A4 size case is worth everything. That acrylic stand of Lancer Meltryllis is quite unique too.<3


Meanwhile, will be enjoying my buffet lunch at a hotel with my family and relatives as per annual tradition of Lunar New Year Day 1 feasting… Hope my Year of the Rat ahead is a good one…

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