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Another Season of Chaldean Love

Once again, the designated heart-throbbing day full of chocolates, blushes and gifts is finally upon the excited Chaldea.

Servants and staff alike are all busy preparing their Valentine’s present(s) for their special someone…


However, an unexpected disaster happens! All the chocolate ingredients suddenly disappears! 

This of course created uproars amongst the ladies of Chaldea, how are they going to convey their feelings now!?


Amongst the mystery is the beautiful custodian of the recently opened library of Chaldea. According to her, a cursed book suddenly escaped from her grasp, creating this panic event… 

Such is the premise of this year’s Valentine’s Event in Fate/Grand Order, the mobage I’ve played since its release three and a half years back.

Since the week before, we have tried to seal the cursed books that stole the chocolate ingredients as their mana source, to save the Valentine’s Day in the name of the lovely ladies of Chaldea.

Similar to earlier years, us Masters will receive Valentine’s gifts as well as return gifts from the Servants we have in our own Chaldea. Many of these gifts are very unique and funny.


New to this year however, are fully voiced scenarios of all Servants during their gift-giving moments!

As I have so many Servants in my Chaldea, it took me several days on and off just to record these scenarios. XDc Here’s a couple of them, you can watch the rest in my Youtube channel.

The pickup Servant in this Valentine’s is the library custodian as mentioned in the beginning. 

Murasaki Shikibu, the featured SSR Caster of the event, is a prominent female poet/writer of Japanese literature.

She is the one behind the well-known classic Genji Monogatari, a tale revolves around the life of Minamoto Genji and his romantic(?) escapades.


To think I was able to get the new Servant almost immediately this Valentine’s, considering I wasn’t able to pull Semiramis during her rate-up last Valentine’s even after hundreds of Saint Quartz…  

The streak of SSRs ever since the start of 2019 worries me…

Judging by my usual gacha patterns, I might be hit with SSR draught soon… ^^;


Last but not least, a very happy Valentine’s Day to all of you celebrating…

Those who still want to gacha for Lady Murasaki, may the odds be with you.

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