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Flourishing a Boar-ing Year Ahead

With the Terran canine howling its final reign of the year, along comes the Terran swine stuffing the next with fulfilling fortune.

This year, we celebrate the Year of the Pig. Or Boar if you’re offended with the former.


Speaking about pigs, of course our Caster of Okeanos won’t hesitate to enjoy the occasion with her horde of cute swine, and a banquet of a party.

Just beware of her offerings of Kykeon… 

Speaking of party, I’ll visit a local hotel for a buffet brunch in a bit with my family members from various places in a reunion.

I’ll sure be enjoying loads of salmon sashimi no doubt, as well as many other delicacies.


Meanwhile, I’ll be away from work until the 9th day of the new year, so I’ll be lazing around and most probably be enjoying REmake2.

Gotta recharge myself for the stressful working year ahead, y’all… ^^;

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