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Virtual Guests of AFA2018

Aside from real world guests, there will be virtual ones as well for C3 Anime Festival Asia 2018!!

Gems Company


GEMS COMPANY is an idol group produced by Square Enix.

The project is started on August 2018 with Yosuke Saito from「NieR」series as a Producer of the group.

Each member of the group is currently active on YouTube and ready to take upcoming exciting challenges that will bring the group to bigger stages.

This time we can not go to Singapore, but we will be appearing on a special video for the event.
We hope more people from overseas to know about us and support us.

Come meet us anytime on our YouTube channel!





KMNZ (KEMONOZ) is a VIRTUAL HIP-HOP GIRLS DUO consists of Lita and Liz. Since their debut on June 2018, they have received lots of attention and their fans called “KMNHZ (KEMONO HEADS)” are increasing rapidly.

「VR – Virtual Reality」KMNZ’s original song produced by leading Kawaii Future Bass artist “Snail’s House” have ranked number 1 on iTunes Hip-Hop Chart on the first day of release (August 7th). The other song in collaboration with Leotardbuta, Ponpoko, Peanuts-kun have also become the top of the chart on the first day of its release. Their music have attracted many artist (in real world) and even some of them become their fans. In October, KMNZ have launched an online store「KMNSUPPLY」where they sell exclusive items of their own clothing brand. All the item went sold out in first 10 minutes after the store open. Fashion is another keyword and strong point that KMNZ have.

KMNZ have been active mainly in YouTube and Twitter, trying to connect virtual world and real world with POWER that they have. Please do check out and support KMNZ!




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