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More Additions to AFA2018

More additions to the roster of guests as well as a new featured anime for C3 Anime Festival Asia 2018!!

Pop Team Epic


Crude, rude, and a little…cute? Based off the beloved bizarre four-panel webcomic by Bukubu Okawa, POP TEAM EPIC is an absurdly meta and utterly surreal anime that follows the fragmented misadventures of sweet yet sadistic story of Popuko and Pipimi, the two larger-than-life 14-year-old girls with no holds barred when it comes to tackling current affairs, ironies and reference-laden micro-content.



AC-bu is a creative team that was formed around 1999. When they were still students in the Tama Art University, they won the NHK Digital Stadium competition with their production “Euro Boys”. As a result, they embarked full-time on their activities as creators.

With an over-realistic illustration style as the base, they have created rich, high-tensioned visuals for various media projects, while at the same time destroyed stereotypes, as they aim to provide a brand new visual experience.

Their main works includes “A Sacred Baboon does Philosophy” on NHK’s Minna no Uta, Masatō Ibu’s official webpage, the “Japanese Table Tennis” short in the movie Tokyo Onlypic, as well as commercials, high-speed kamishibai and GIF mangas. On Pop Team Epic, they are responsible for the Bob Team Epic segments.




Hedy 煙煙 is a cosplayer from Taiwan. She has been involved in cosplay-related events for more than 15 years. From taking up cosplay as a hobby and now cosplay becoming as part of her career, not only has she learnt how to make her own costumes and props for most of her cosplays. Due to her constant efforts and outstanding results of her cosplay work, she was approached by a Taiwan artist management company to sign as their artist. She has been in the Showbiz industry for the past 2 years, taking part in all kinds of corporate events, and even participating in competitions! Now, Hedy is still working with the ACG artist management company in Taiwan.



Intriquette is a dance crew comprising of 5 girls who love dancing to various genres of Japanese music. They have performed for several J-culture events in the past 2 years. This AFA, Intriquette will be bringing you a mix of different dance styles showcasing both J-pop and anime music.

Natsuiro Party


Natsuiro Party is an all-girl group that specialises in J-pop sing-and-dance performances. Having formed in 2016, Natsuiro Party has been actively performing locally and overseas, most notably at Anime Festival Asia, STGCC, and recently opening for Japanese idol group Ready To Kiss’s Asia tour in Bangkok.



An aspiring singer-songwriter, Rae’s interest in music had stemmed from a very young age. Rae finds joy in finding hidden jems in the different genres of music that she listens to and hopes to someday share her own originals with everyone. Performing songs that she holds dear to her heart, Rae hopes to connect with the audience and create a world without borders through music.



REIKOMARU or Komarun, in short, is a Singapore born Cosplayer turned Idol signed under Hibikipro (JP), known for her signature stage look, complete with silver hair, glasses, and bad puns. Reiko’s passion has always been Cosplay, dancing, and memes.

After Komarun’s departure from Tokimeki JUMP on May 9th, 2018, she is now challenging herself to step out of her comfort zone to perform on more ambitious stages, one step at a time in the name of passion. Komarun is covering songs in likes of THE IDOLM@STER and other Japanese Idols songs, closing the gap between 2D & 3D Idols.

Tokimeki Jump


Tokimeki JUMP is a 4-girl Japanese-pop (J-pop) performance group from Singapore. The group debuted at a popular local Japanese culture convention, Anime Festival Asia, in November 2016 and has since guested and performed at several major local events such as EOY J-culture Festival and Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention – STGCC. Gaining international presence, Tokimeki JUMP has recently guested at “Bangkok Idol Space 2018” in Thailand, Bangkok.

Tokimeki JUMP strives to portray a unique image of both “Kawaii” (cute) and “Kakkoii” (cool). The group’s core performance is “Odottemita”, but has also dabbled in covering songs from Japanese idol groups such as and The World Standard (Wa-suta) to increase their repertoire.

The group self-produces their original merchandises, such as T-shirts, penlights and badges.

With their passion for the “Odottemita” scene, Tokimeki JUMP took it upon themselves to organize Singapore’s first Odottemita-only event, OdoStep, in October 2017, which involved 17 local performers and saw over 100 attendees.

The group self-organized their first One-Man Live in June 2018, where Reiko graduated and new member, Eve, was introduced. The event included a 2-hour show and was attended by over 70 fans.

Tokimeki JUMP hopes to continue growing as a performance group, to provide quality performances to their audience.

Wind Ensemble Nippon Singapore


WENS is an amateur music band established in Jul 2014 and performs various types of music in a form of wind orchestra.
Today we perform Japanese songs.


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