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Stage Guests of AFA2018

Entering the 11th Moon, C3 Anime Festival Asia 2018 down South at the city of the puking lion is drawing nearer and nearer, time to panic!!

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the officials spared no expense in bringing in a huge gathering of the big guns and known names from the anime industry to the event itself!

And yes, there are still more to come! Oh, my heart…

Furihata Ai


The voice of: Ruby Kurosawa

Kayano Ai


Born in Tokyo on September 13th. As an voice actress, Ai Kayano takes wide variety of character roles and fascinates lots of fans. Her credits include being the voice of Meiko Honma (Menma) in “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day”, Utaha Kasumigaoka in “Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.”, and Alice in “Sword Art Online -Alicization”, just to name a few.

Abe Atsushi


Born 25 March in Tochigi prefecture. Atsushi Abe is also adept at playing the piano. Some of his main roles include:

Toma Kamijo – A Certain Magical Index

Moritaka Mashiro – Bakuman

Koichi Sakakibara – Another

Kokonotsu Shikada – Dagashi Kashi

Sogo Osaka – IDOLiSH7

Aside from voicing roles in TV anime, he is also involved in voice work ranging from dubbing of foreign movies to drama CDs and voiced comics.

Yamazaki Erii


In 2011, she participated in the 36th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan, an audition for the next generation of voice actors. She emerged as a finalist and was signed to Horipro. In 2013, she made her voice acting debut as Moe Morita in “Samurai Flemenco”. Since then, she has appeared in various TV anime, games, drama CDs and so on, with her popularity and recognition ever increasing. When it comes to her musical activities, alongside Ibuki Kido as part of the unit every♡ing!, she made her artiste debut under King Records. After graduating high school, in November 2016, her solo debut album “Zenbu, Kimi no Sei da” was released under ZERO-A and Nippon Columbia. In February 2018, she held her second ever solo concert at the Ex Theater in Roppongi.

Sasaki Eri


Born 13 June 1989 in Fukuoka. She started training in classical violin in her youth. Upon enrolling in the Faculty of Integrated Human Studies at Kyoto University, she joined the light music club, and began activities as a singer-songwriter. After graduation, as a creator, while she was creating music exclusively for Sony Music Publishing, she also participated as a vocalist and backing chorus for many works. In 2015, she made her debut as a singer with “Ring of Fortune”, the opening theme song for the TV anime “Plastic Memories”. She was also a surprise guest on the 2nd day of Animelo Summer Live 2015 -THE GATE-. In 2018, she wrote, created and arranged the music for the song “Fuyubiyori”, the ending theme to the popular TV Anime “Laid-Back Camp”. She in highly active in the industry, ranging from working on improvisation live events collaborating with yoga instructors using her soothing voice as a ‘healing songwriter’, as well as being the music director for the musical “Legend of the Milky Way”. She has many hobbies, including: Musicals, movies, watching foreign TV dramas, creating her own accessories, oil painting, cooking, the party game Mafia and more. For more information on the Healing Songwriter unit “Herio”, please see the following link:

Abe Rika


Born 20 September in Mie prefecture. Interests include treating her friends to her cooking.

She’s also good at giving nicknames to people. She is credited for several TV anime, including Hresvelgr of Frame Arms Girl, and roles in Riddle Story of Devil and The Pilot’s Love Song.

Other non-anime related credits include the titular character in Summer Lesson: Allison Snow Seven Days Garden as well as Mizuki Makabe in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live! She also reprises the same role as Makabe in cross-media releases like drama CDs, image songs and live performances.

Catch her on stage during the Frame Arms Girl featured anime stage event at C3 AFA Jakarta!

Terui Haruka


Haruka Terui was born 7 March and hails from Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Her hobbies include taking walks and karaoke and has the ability to eat sweet foods very quickly. Apart from voicing roles in anime, she also has multiple credits doing narration for TV as well as voiceovers for games. Some of her main roles include:

Sarah – Gundam Build Divers


Yuki Yuna – Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Kobeni Yonomori – Engaged to the Unidentified

Shihoru – Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Tanaka Minami


Minami Tanaka is currently managed by 81 Produce as well as avex Pictures. She’s also currently active as a member of the unit “Wake Up, Girls”. Some of her main roles include:

Minami Katayama – Wake Up, Girls!

Lily Hoshikawa – Zombie Land Saga

Mebuki Kusunoki – Mebuki Kusonoki is a Hero (Drama CD)

Mary Saotome – Kakegurui

Koyama Momoyo


Born 30 November and hails from Hokkaido. She is managed by Stardust Promotion. Some of her main roles include:

Karen Aijo – Revue Starlight

Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury – Musical adaptation of Sailor Moon



nob-c is a character designer and illustrator. He is known for his warmth in his illustrations and high attention to detail, with high proficiency in delicate graphics. He has contributed his work to various projects, including his intepretation of AFA’s very own mascot character Seika, as well as Sakura Asashina, the mascot character of the Anison Fitness program. He is also the lead character designer of the upcoming anime The Price of Smiles, a project celebrating Tatsunoko Production’s 55th Anniversary, airing in January 2019.

Saito Shuka


The voice of: You Watanabe

Sumire Morohoshi


Born 23 April. She is affiliated with the Himawari Theatre Group (Gekidan Himawari). Some of her roles include:

Ichigo Hoshimiya – Aikatsu!

Hitoka Yachi – Haikyu!! ‎

Hinami Fueguchi – Tokyo Ghoul:re

Emma – The Promised Neverland

Vanellope von Schweetz – Japanese Dub of Wreck-It Ralph

Moogle – Final Fantasy series

Mimori Suzuko


Suzuko Mimori has roles in many TV Anime, including “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” “Love Live!”, “Yuki Yuna is a Hero”m “Revue Starlight” amongst others. She debuted as a solo artiste in April 2013 with her single, “Aitai yo… Aitai yo!”, and celebrated her 5th anniversary in 2018. On 27 June 2018, her 4th solo album ‘tone.’ was released. With ‘tone’ (tint) being the central theme, various ‘tones’ (music) was presented, helped the presence of a luxurious lineup of music creators. On 4 August the same year, and then on 12 August, she held to great success, “MIMORI SUZUKO 5thAnniversary LIVE 「five tones」” at the Grand Cube Osaka and Pacifico Yokohama respectively. Coming up, she will be releasing a concept mini album “holiday mode” on 20 February 2019.

Dear Kiss


In April 2016, DEAR KISS officially started. It has been decided that they will appear in TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL known as one of the biggest idol events, only after 4 months from the debut. Their first mini album reached 1st placei n J-POP charts‘ Orikon Daily’. They held the first live concert at Shinjuku BLAZE on 20th August 2016. On that stage, they incorporated Saki Shishima’s ideas and which enabled them to introduce many kinds of directions such as the stage mixing dance and projected image, debuted 3 songs, focusing on singing without dancing and so on. Despite the fact that they are still a new face, they attract audiences with very challenging performance. As a result, the solo live performance ended very successfully. They held the 2nd solo concert at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST on 23rd November 2016. After releasing their first single SHINY SHY GIRL that achieved 5th rank in the Oricon daily, they had the new song’s event almost every day for one month, followed by the 2nd solo concert. The concert made a huge success with full of fans. In spring 2017, they made a drastic step of touring 7 different cities all over Japan.


Facebook: Official HP:

Official Blog:


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