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Shocking Uniform of a Foxy Caster

The progress of my newest acquisition of Tama-chan’s 1/6 scale figure has been a troublesome one, not only the maker delayed her release for a moon’s cycle, I also made a bad decision of having her shipped via an alternate courier than my usual route…

Furthermore, thanks to the meddling of the local custom terrorists due to the said alternate courier, I ended having to top up 30% more than her base cost to secure her release… Uguu~

Thankfully, Tama-chan arrived at my door steps in just a few days due to local holidays at the end of last month.

Time to take a look at her in her full unboxing glory. 

Nothing much to say on the box art. It’s your typical scale figure box design with windows at 3 sides to showcase the figure within, filled with various photos of the said figure along with warnings and more texts all around the box…

Some minor dents here and there on the box though, thanks to rough handling by the said courier… :/


That moment of heart-throbbing excitement when you finally unload Tama-chan from her plastic prison… >w< Anyway, upon unboxing, Tama-chan comes in several pieces, requiring minor assembly to make her whole…

Clad in her Shocking School Uniform, and unlockable costume from the PS4 game Fate/Extella, Tama-chan sits in a seiza manner with the tips of her fingers laid on the ground in front of her, her whole body slightly bowed forward in a traditional Japanese submissive wife-like pose…

Such loveliness one cannot fully describe in words that fiddle the strings of your admiring heart!


Close-ups of various parts of the scale figure herself. The sculpt is fine and detailed, as expected of top-notch quality from Phat!

A pity I noticed there’s a small paint splotch on her neck tie/ribbon, that aside everything else seems fine… 


Since the pleated skirt + cardigan is a separate piece from the lower half of the scale figure, you can actually display Tama-chan in just her undies as well… XDc

Unfortunately, the design of the connector is not fully fleshed out, thus leaving a visible area of unfilled mould if you so choose to display her in such lewdness… :P


Tama-chan comes with not one but two types of display base, which can be used together or separately in accordance to your preference: a blue cushion seat moulded to fit her kneeling pose, as well as an extra light green coloured flat square platform.


Such an appealing foxy good school girl wife. ♥


Don’t hesitate, get your own foxy school girl now! :P


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