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A Summer Festival for Servants!

At the end of last month, the ever popular gacha mobage Fate/Grand Order celebrated its 3rd anniversary, throwing lots and lots of goodies (And a huge stash of Saint Quartzes woohoo!) and various anime series/movie announcements to the eager Masters all over the world.

Immediately after that, we’ve entered a new summer event that will last until the end of the month, featuring several highly sought after swimsuit Servants for Masters to deplete their reserves of Saint Quartz stashes in order for a less than 1% chance of hitting that SSR they wanted to roll for…


This new Summer singularity is the result of none other than our favourite little devilish kouhai from Fate/Extra CCC, the super A.I. BB-chan!


In a remote investigation/vacation mission to check on a possible reading of a Foreigner’s signal at the Hawaiian islands, we were drawn in and locked within the Groundhog Day-esque singularity where we’ll need to repeat a full week on the Hawaiian island over and over again.

To get out of the loop, we’ll need to attend a doujin event called Servant Summer Star Festival (ServaFes) to emerge as the victor on selling our own self-made doujinshi…



As expected, this whole event is choke full of incredible references, memes, jokes and various shenanigans, parodying from other sources and real life stuff…


Speaking of the Servants, the new ones in this event, as per every summer events for the last two years, features a couple of SSRs: the Archer class Jeanne d’Arc and the MoonCancer BB-chan! 

And to think I managed to get both of them in less Saint Quartz than I expected to spent on! 0w0

My streak of good luck in pulling SSRs has been incredible ever since the 3rd anniversary, which include a King Hassan from the guaranteed gacha as well as the much sought after Scathach=Scadi (Saviour of the Q!) from the anniversary banner.

One does not usually simply pull whatever Servant(s) they want from every banner, as experienced during my Valentine’s gacha… :/ I’m very thankful for such great luck lately…

The story mode scenario are pretty fun to read too, with the Servants interacting with one another in a very casual and fun way as oppose to the usual seriousness of battles and such.

Hey, we even get to fight a conceptualised enemy called “Deadline” with a Noble Phantasm named “Bluescreen”. XDc As expected of the hell that is a doujin artist… 


There are only a week plus left on the timer for this event. For those still farming to complete the singularity, godspeed.


As for those hoping to get BB-chan… Pray she doesn’t turn you into a Saint Quartz-less pig. :P


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