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Costume Fun at a Summer Paradise

Continuing my adventure at Penang Anime Matsuri 2018, I wandered around the event halls looking to feast my eyes upon the superior crafts and outfits adorned on the cosplayers themselves.


Thanks to the empty area just between the entrance and the exhibition halls, cosplayers and photogs alike can gather at their own leisure for on-site photo sessions and random visitor encounters asking for selfies… 

Of course the said area packed with a throng of cosplayers running and parking around at all corners, with literal photog walls forming everywhere to try to take photos of these magnificent looking cosplayers.


Again due to fatigue, I did not dedicate my hours at the event hunting solely for cosplayers, only ever taking photos of them when I roamed around the event area aimlessly… 

I must confess though, the quality of the cosplayers this time around amplified considerably when compared to last year’s, with many great props and costumes invading your sight and thoughts everywhere you go.


Being one of the most popular franchise around, of course there are lots of Fate series cosplayers littered throughout the exhibition floor.

There’s even a group of Knights of the Round Table on Day 2 blowing-up the minds and eyes of various onlookers.


Speaking of cosplays, Tama-chan did accompanied me to the event for both days, with Fou-kun tagging along as well on the 2nd.

She was there attached to one of the booths in the exhibition hall, of which the owner an acquaintance of mine and a fellow Master. We did spent the two days discussing various topics, mainly on F/GO and some drama within the exhibition halls…

Elsewhere, Carmen, the Singapore based cosplayer of Scathach on Day 1 and Altria Pendragon (Lancer) on Day 2, took her time molesting Tama-chan lovingly during the event. :P She had been very obsessed with Tama-chan ever since their first meeting three years or so back, pretty much becoming her Godmother/Spokeswoman/Ambassador by now… XDc


Back to the cosplayers…

There are several mecha cosplayers around the site as well, each with their own unique props and craftsmanship.

The Astray Red Frame is especially jaw-dropping, albeit scaled at a strange proportion, still standing about 3 metres tall overall! Special mention to Overwatch’s Reinhardt as well for his superb bling-bling-ness. =w= 


Then there’s this bunch who ignores cosplayers and opted for figures instead. XDc


And that’s all on the cosplayers, as well as the event itself so to speak.

On closing note, I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the cosplays in this event, as well as the good choice of venue this year. Will definitely continue to support and attend PAM from years to come (Since this is my home turf www)…

Anyway, see you all at my pilgrimage to AFA at the end of the year!


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