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Illuminating a Celestial Being

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for, to release the GN Particles within Gundam Exia!

As mentioned in earlier posts, instead of directly purchasing the Lighting Model which costs an arm and a leg (Literally Exia’s arm and leg, as it costs about one-third more of Exia basic kit’s pricing… :3c), I opted to get the regular release of the plastic model kit.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_67

The L.E.D. unit used for the gunpla was bought separately from a third-party company called Mo Jiang Hun (MJH), of which the pricing is about one-seventh of the basic kit’s pricing…

While not as eye-catching as in the dark, activating the light-up gimmick in a bright area still manages to produce enough illumination as the L.E.D. themselves are quite powerful.

There are three basic stages of Exia’s Aurora Luminescence: the Ignition Sequence (Green lighting), the Loading Sequence (Green + Blue Lighting) and the Full Particle Sequence (Pink Lighting).

By flicking on the switch and then pressing the button on the L.E.D. unit within the display base, you can cycle through various modes and stages in sequence.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_68
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_69Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_70

Unlike Unicorn’s L.E.D. unit which only emits UV lights, Exia’s is of the RGB variant, able to change its colour from one to another depending on the different stages of the lighting gimmick.

Surprisingly, the light piping on the GN Power Lines (The parts where the light comes on, indirectly) works quite well, despite being located outside and/or away from the source of the L.E.D. lights within Exia itself…

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_71
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_72Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_73

The GN Condenser, along with the GN Drive installed onto it via Exia’s back slot, is by far the most interesting of all the lighting gimmick, especially the latter which can produce running lights to simulate the spinning of the drive itself upon activation.

Unlike the rest of the GN Power Lines, the GN Drive’s light remains in greenish hue even during the Full Particle Sequence, albeit in a lighter colour…

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_74Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_75Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_76
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_77Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_78Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_79

Perhaps it was due to the design of the L.E.D. unit, for some reason the lighting on the GN Condensers at each sides of the forearms only partially lights up, creating a half blue/green or pink/light pink effect…

As far as I know, I’ve installed the units neatly and in accordance to the instruction manual. May have to recheck later just to be sure…

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_80Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_81
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_82Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_83

The GN Power Lines effect on the thighs are pretty noticeable due to them being a huge part of the whole thing.

Elsewhere at the sides of the knees are GN Condensers. Thanks to the seal stickers as well as foil stickers applied within the dome, the resulting lighting effect is a sight to behold, as if there are GN particles within the condensers themselves.

Unfortunately, due to being furthest from the source of the L.E.D. lights, the light piping effect at the lower calves appear weak when compared to the rest of the body…  

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_84Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_85
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_86Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_87
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_88Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_89

Combined with the opening of the hatch panels, the effect appears much grander thanks to various exposed areas allowing the seeping of the lighting…

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_90
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_91Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_92

While they look beautiful, those still images as posted above do not show you the full extend of the glorious lighting as seen with your own eyes.

So here’s a short video detailing Aurora Luminescence to feast your sight. =w=

That concludes the review of Bandai’s Perfect Grade 1/60 scaled Gundam Exia plastic model kit along with MJH’s L.E.D. unit for PG Exia.

This along with Unicorn will be quite a light show in my display cabinet. XDc

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