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Arming a Celestial Being

Aside from the main Mobile Suit itself, Exia comes with a number of weaponry and accessories, including a huge display stand similar to that of Unicorn Gundam’s but fully clad in a much more complex design of various mechanical details.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_40

This display stand is probably the most important accessory for Exia, as it houses the L.E.D. unit and wiring needed to fully realise the light-up gimmick.

The stand itself features a couple of locking points: one on the hook that connects onto Exia’s back; one on the extendable sliding mechanism to extend the over all height of the display stand itself. 

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_41
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_42

Incorporated into the back of the display stand is a jointed arm equipped with the wiring for the light-up gimmick, allowing the installation of the GN Drive separate from Exia’s main body.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_43
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_44

Omitted previously from the last post, here’s a closer look at the GN Drive, the power source and the heart of Celestial Being’s Mobile Suits.

The Drive itself acts as a switch for Exia’s Aurora Luminescence gimmick. Without it, the Mobile Suit’s light-up gimmick won’t work.

Attached onto the display stand by itself, the GN Drive’s spinning light gimmick works independently.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_45
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_46Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_47

The GN Drive too have the open hatch panels gimmick, creating a sort of blooming flower like structure upon deployment.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_48Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_49Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_50

By removing the grey plug-in from the back slot, you can install the GN Drive effortlessly onto the Mobile Suit, thus enabling Exia’s full Aurora Luminescence gimmick (Once you plug-in the cables of course).

As mentioned previously, the connection between the GN Drive and its intended slot is somewhat tight, discouraging constant moving between the Mobile Suit or the arm on the display stand…  

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_51Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_52
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_53Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_54

The battery compartment for the L.E.D. unit is housed within the mid section of the display stand itself, again identical to Unicorn Gundam’s.

Interestingly, upon flipping over to the underside of the stand, you can find various ports to hold basically all the weaponry Exia holds, with the exception of the beam effect parts for the Beam Daggers and Beam Sabers.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_55
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_56

Here’s Exia fully armed with all its weaponry, which is the reason its code name is Gundam Seven Swords. 

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_57

Exia’s primary weapon, which features a beam rifle equipped with a gigantic blade underneath, along with an attached miniature shield.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_58
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_59

The GN Sword can be easily converted from rifle mode to sword mode and back at moment’s notice. 

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_60
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_61

While not part of the Seven Swords’s namesake, the GN Shield is Exia’s primary defense against enemy attacks. It features extendable gimmick that reveals its built-in reflective clear green parts. 

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_62

Located behind both shoulder pads, the GN Beam Sabers are a staple Gundam armament. The sabers took up two slots out of the Seven Swords System…

The hilts are exactly the same as the other two, the GN Beam Daggers, located behind Exia’s rear skirt.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_63

Usually perched at both sides of the hips, the GN Short Blade and GN Long Blade are identical to one another, with the only difference being the length of the blades themselves.

Both GN Blades also feature the same extendable gimmick that reveal the reflective clear green parts, just like the GN Shield. 

The Blades took up two slots out of the Seven Swords System.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_64

As mentioned a few paragraphs before, the GN Beam Daggers are essentially the same as GN Beam Sabers, with the only difference being the length of the beam effect part.

They took up the last two spots of the Seven Swords System.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_65

Mounted onto the display stand, here’s a view of Exia with its light-up gimmick activated under an illuminated environment.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_66

We will take a look at the pretty lights under a darker environment in my next and final posting on the Perfect Grade. ^_^


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