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Armouring a Celestial Being

Continuing the review on the 1/60 scaled Perfect Grade GN-001 Gundam Exia, it’s time to bulk up the grey inner frames with a Gundam’s signature Red-Blue-White armour pieces…

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_19Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_20

You may notice that I intentionally left out the GN Drive and opted instead to use the grey plug-in its intended slot. It was due to the connection between the GN Drive and Exia’s slot is unusually tight that it was a hassle to install and unload it in between photo shots. ^^;

Anyway, the GN Drive will be showcased in my next post focusing on Exia’s accessories…

A closer look at Exia’s various details covering all its body, including the marking seal stickers included.

As expected, the visible borders of stickers are an eyesore… Still a pity that the modern Perfect Grades always omit the inclusion of the superb dry transfer decals utilised by Master Grades a decade ago (Even Master Grades today have less and less utilisation of dry transfer decals).

In my opinion they are much better in appearance after application than the regular stickers, not to mention less hassle and messy than water slide decals… 

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_21Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_22Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_23
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_24Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_25Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_26
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_27
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_30Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_31Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_32
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_33Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_34Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_35

Even fully clad in its outer armour pieces, Exia’s poseability is pretty much unhindered and remains very versatile and human-like, thanks to its various parts that can easily move out-of-the-way of one another.

The most notable features are the parts on the pelvis area, especially the front skirts, that have extendable mechanical arms that move out to avoid clash when moving the thunder thighs around.

However due to the wiring of the Lighting unit, most extreme poses are out of the question to avoid damage to the cables…

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_36
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_37
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_38

Perfect Grade Exia also features the open hatch panels gimmick most notable present in the older Perfect Grades. Modern Perfect Grades since Strike Gundam usually have little to none of such gimmick… 

The location of the hatch panels are as follows: The rear “rabbit-ear” pieces on both sides of the head slides up; various parts on the shoulder pads; the lower abdomen armour pieces including the cockpit hatch; the GN Vulcan on both forearms; the armour pieces covering the GN Power Lines on both thighs; the armour pieces covering the GN Power Lines on the lower calves.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_39

We will take a closer look at everything else that comes with the kit aside from the Mobile Suit itself in our next posting…

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