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Framing a Celestial Being

Released back during the holiday season last year, the 1/60 scaled GN-001 Gundam Exia is the latest in the long line of Bandai’s Perfect Grade Gunpla kits.

Announced as part of the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 10th anniversary project, the Gunpla have two slightly different versions on sale on the market: The Lighting version, which has the L.E.D. unit for Exia’s Aurora Luminescence gimmick, similar to the Psycho Frame gimmick of the Perfect Grade 1/60 scaled RX-0 Unicorn Gundam; The regular release, which is essentially the same kit but without the L.E.D. unit.

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_01
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_02

Initially not interested due to the hefty price tag of the Lighting version, which unlike PG Unicorn’s L.E.D. unit that was sold separately from the Gunpla itself, it wasn’t until I’ve learned of a 3rd party L.E.D. unit being released by Mo Jiang Hun (模匠魂/MJH) a few months later that it reignited my interest in getting the Perfect Grade.

Got myself the regular edition of the Perfect Grade locally at my nearest mall at a fraction of the Lighting version’s inflated price, it took me about a couple of weeks on and off to finally assemble the kit itself.

Interestingly, the instruction manual follows the construction of the Gunpla’s inner frame in its fullest first, before adding on the rest of the armour pieces. Traditional assembly usually follows body-part-by-body-part, from inner frame to armour of the said body part in its fullest, before piecing all the separate parts together.   

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_03Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_04

Close up shots of the details on the inner frame of Gundam Exia. Fans of detailed mechanics will be very pleased, especially those who chose to paint the inner details as well as the outer armours.

For me, I’m a scratch builder so I’ll leave the inner frame intact…

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_05Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_06Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_07
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_08Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_09Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_10
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_11Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_12Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_13
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_14Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_15Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_16

Being a Perfect Grade, of course the frame features extensive points of articulations for various poses. Joints are sufficiently tight and able to hold the weight.

Posing is no problem sans armour, I wonder if the same range of movements will be hindered once I finalise the assembly…

Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_17
Perfect _Grade_Gundam_Exia_18

You may notice the red and black wiring protruding from various joints as well as the connector on Exia’s back. Yes, those are the L.E.D. unit’s wiring.

As far as I know, authentic Bandai’s L.E.D. unit has their wiring in all black, but since I’m using a 3rd party product… :P

Anyway, we’ll have a look at Exia fully armoured on my next post…


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