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Foxy Frame of an Extella Fate

A few weeks ago, I’ve managed to nab the recently released glasses frame themed with elements and design principles of Tamamo no Mae.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after settling a complication at the local custom terrorists (Holding my acquisition hostage, demanding a sum of extortion fees before releasing it to me after, while being ****oles all the way to boot… >,<) that I finally holding it proudly in my hands last weekend. =w=


A collaboration between Fate/Extella and Butler Optical Shop/Eye Mirror, the frame costs about twice the usual price of my regular glasses, but nonetheless a unique addition to my eyesight-helping arsenal. 


The whole package consists of the casing containing the prize itself, a cleaning cloth with nice print on it, and a small sheet of pamphlet.

The casing itself is nicely designed with the logo of the game itself, with the somewhat digital-looking background with various boxes of different shades. Each of the boxes are littered with protruding textures too. Such details!


The included cleaning cloth is printed with an illustration of Tama-chan herself, in her JK outfit as seen in the game, but wearing the said glasses herself. XDc

Thanks to Wada Arco sensei for the beautiful Tama you’ve illustrated. <3


The main product itself is an under-rimmed frame, clad in Tama-chan’s signature dark blue ascent s well as several design elements that signifies her unique identity:

On each sides of the hinges are adorned with a seemingly die-cast mould of Tama-chan’s Noble Phantasm, the mirror Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yano Shizu Ishi; The temple tips themselves are fashioned with Tama-chan’s tail as well. 


While not immediately apparent, at each end of the hinges connecting to the main lenses, are triangles that I think represents Tama-chan’s proud and perky kitsune-mimi. XDc


Since the lenses on this frame are just clear lenses with no power level imbued on them, I’ll have to go to my usual optometrist to prescribe a proper replacement lenses for my consumption.

Looking forward to finally wear this baby from now on! >w<


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