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A Grand Lie in Order of Fateful April

Entering the 1st day of the fourth month of the year, once again various individuals and communities trying hard on their annual pranking.

Ever since a few hours back, Japan’s many websites and social medias have been cluttered with a wave of crazy and creative announcements and stuff, taking on the lies in this April. www


Coming back with a vengeance, of course Fate/Grand Order having its own fun with the day.

Just like last year’s, a special app can be downloaded for some mini gaming fun, available to both the Android and iOSXDc

While April’s Fools app from last year was a spook of Pokémon/GO, this year’s is an AR shooter type where you try to navigate your phone using the camera and guide your Saint Quartz Cannon to shoot down Servants in order to capture them.  


Each Saint Quartz will deal 41 damage to Servants, of which you can just hold down to rapidly pummel them to submission. www

The end result can be very hectic… :P


Just like before, the Servants are visualised as Riyo styled chibis.

Gotta catch them all!


As of posting, the last singularity is still locked, at least until 1800 hours JST later the day… There are about 30 more Servants to be unlocked… Godspeed all!

In the meantime, let’s have some fun with the AR mode! 


On the legit side, I’m trying roll for that elusive story-locked Rider of Resistance on FGO.

However… Well see for yourself…

Anyway have fun and enjoy this crazy day full of lies!


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