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A Season of Chaldean Love

A heart-throbbing celebration of the day of romantic rendezvous, a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Once again due to busy RL schedules, I’ve prepared nothing for this year’s blog entry… orz


However, I do have lots of fun for the past two weeks on Fate/Grand Order’s very own Valentine’s event!


Once again, the chocolate craze ran amok in my Chaldea!

Similar to earlier years, as a Master of Chaldea, I’ve received lots of chocolates, may it be obligatory or honmei, from each and every Servants residing in my own Chaldea.


Even the guys gave me return gifts after receiving chocolates from me (I’m a female Master in the game XDc).


Out of the various scenarios for the newer Servants released since Valentine’s last year, several caught my attention: Abigail, Hokusai, as well as Kiara, just to name a few…

The latest Foreigner class seems to have given utmost love from the scenario writers this time around, with Abigail’s being the cutest (You can faint out right or grabbed her and run around Chaldea, via in-game options XDc) while Hokusai the lengthiest…

I feel sorry for those Servants from the 1st Valentine’s… Their scenarios are a bit on the lacking side…


Speaking of Servants, my Valentine’s rolls are not really good this year… :/ Perhaps my streak of good lucks ran out after Hokusai, which began during Salem chapter several months back…

Nil SSR in 500+ quartz rolls, and I really want Osakabehime or Semiramis… orz

Oh well at least I got 5 SRs from the despair, 2 of them new addition to my Chaldea…

Perhaps I should really wait for the next guaranteed SSR gacha in 5 months… =w=


Anyway, enjoy your time with your significant other!

Meanwhile, I’ll be busy with the upcoming Lunar New Year instead. ^^;


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