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Levelling Up in Real Life

Another year, yet another digit to my life span. The more ancient we get, the less we do to celebrate the day we came to this world… orz

Especially when it falls on a working day when I still had to embrace the pressure and tackling hoards of real-life jobs… ^^;


But alas, amidst the busy schedule and headaches, I am still receiving congratulatory messages throughout my social networks, as well as from within the games I played. XDc

Many thanks for the well wishes from those who did on Facebook, Twitter and such. You know who you are… <3

On the gaming side, all of you are well-informed of my current attachment to a certain mobage called Fate/Grand Order, no?

Even the Servant’s within my Chaldea wish me a happy birthday (Some of them went extreme tsun-tsun about it though, like a certain Dragon Witch as shown in the screenshot above… ^^;)! A special mention to my lovely Abby-chan, she even sings the birthday song to this unworthy Master… TwT

While not expecting anything since I already have the featured Servants on the summoning pool, I did a couple of 10-rolls on the gacha as well…

And the result is… Oh well see for yourself… orz

I usually reward myself with present I purchased for myself, but alas they won’t make it in time as the shipping will only reach me by next week at the least…

Anyway, hope my next birthday will be better… ^^;


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