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System Evolution of a Linked Extella

Updated on the official site, the game will showcase some improvements to the already high-speed Servant action, as well as a couple more additions to the gameplay…


While info have yet to be released, exclusive to Playstation 4 version of the game, there will be an online PVP mode where Masters can pit against one another in battle.

様々なコンボ攻撃が弱攻撃と強攻撃の組み合わせで発動可能! Various combos can be activated by a combination of weak and strong attack!

流れるような連携技で、立ちふさがる無数の敵を蹴散らせ! Kill countless enemies that rise to oppose you with flowing techniques!


敵を打ち上げてからの空中攻撃やダッシュ、ガードなどのアクションを駆使し、戦場を縦横無尽に駆け抜けろ! Running through the battlefield and take advantage of various actions such as launching enemies onto the air with aerial attacks, dashes and guards.


戦況は刻一刻と変化していく。 The situation of the battlefield changes with every moment.

押し寄せる敵からの重要キャラクターの救出や指定された対象の撃破など様々なミッションが待ち受ける! Various missions await such as rescuing important characters from enemies who are attacking designated critical targets!



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