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Archive for January, 2018

Announcement of AFA2018

Unveiled earlier today on their official Facebook page, the dates for this year’s Anime Festival Asia have been decided!


Celebrating their 10th anniversary since 2008, curiously only two of them have been confirmed: 3rd – 5th August at Jakarta and 30th November – 2nd December at Singapore…

Awaiting more info in the near future!


Levelling Up in Real Life

Another year, yet another digit to my life span. The more ancient we get, the less we do to celebrate the day we came to this world… orz

Especially when it falls on a working day when I still had to embrace the pressure and tackling hoards of real-life jobs… ^^;


But alas, amidst the busy schedule and headaches, I am still receiving congratulatory messages throughout my social networks, as well as from within the games I played. XDc

Many thanks for the well wishes from those who did on Facebook, Twitter and such. You know who you are… <3


System Evolution of a Linked Extella

Updated on the official site, the game will showcase some improvements to the already high-speed Servant action, as well as a couple more additions to the gameplay…


While info have yet to be released, exclusive to Playstation 4 version of the game, there will be an online PVP mode where Masters can pit against one another in battle. (more…)

Anon Bowman of a Linked Extella

Updated on the official site, Mumei of the Archer class is showcased, returning into the world Fate/Extella Link…


One of the original heroes of the Extra series, Mumei sports a new haircut as well as a new design changes in his outfit… (more…)

Bride-in-Training of a Linked Extella

Updated on the official site, Tamamo no Mae of the Caster class is showcased, returning to her bride training in the world Fate/Extella Link…


One of the original heroines of the Extra-verse, the ever lovely foxy waifu will always remain my raison d’être of the Extra-verse… <3 (more…)