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Yet More Guests For Akiba Stage

T-minus one day left until the commencement of Anime Festival Asia…

A couple more guests has been added to the already stellar line up of Akiba Stage~!

Gear (Special Guest)


WOTAGEI x CYALUME = CYALUME DANCE The best and strongest wotagei performance team in the world!

GINYU TOKUSENTAI/ Ginyu forcE is a group of wotagei dancers who harmoniously combine the art of wotagei dance and the art of luminous curves and straight lines of cyalume sticks.

They are known to be one of the first groups to show to the world those performances on YouTube and other videos sites and it’s the reason why they are well-known and admired by all the Cyalume Dancers in the world.

After 6 years of activities, they are highly respected not just because of their performance but also their collaborations with Google, Android, Toyota, Sony, Xperia, Nissin Cupnoodle, Space Shower TV and their self-production.

GEAR longs to travel and perform all around the world.






Yoruru (Special Guest)


The most famous Wotagei Performer in China!

The leader from the Wotagei group “Koryakugumi” who created “Lessons for beginners”video tutorial series.

Yoruru has been invited to TGC (Tencent Game Carnival), ACGN New Year Gala, Bilibili Macro Link and other events as a guest performer.


YouTube Channel 

Bilibili account



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