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Showcase of a DeeJay Team

Aside from the many artistes, seiyuu and featured anime series, a member of a notable DJ team will also make his appearance during C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2017!

Anison DJ Team “AnimationZ” (DJ Showcase)


AnimationZ is an Anime song DJ team by active animation producers formed around Tomotaka Misawa, an animation producer who started activities since 2017.

Activities are performed in layers different from other Anime song DJs such as animation songs with many hit songs and DJ play specialized for game music, such as being able to officially use music and video of animation. In addition, engaging in a comprehensive animation event planning not only for DJ players, such as collaborating with the audience at the oversea anime event and DJ activities and each animation record company and animation maker.


・Tomotaka Misawa – Animation Producer (Team representative)

・Yukihiko Nakao – Animation Producer

・Saya Fukase – Animation Producer

・Kazuki Yanase – Animation Producer

・Takanori Yamaura – Animation Producer

・Ryoma Araki – Game Producer

・Taketeru Sunamori – Music Producer / Screenwriter

Misawa Tomotaka (Special Guest)

Born February 27, 1980 in Saitama City.

Movie, TV, with animation, drama, CM, corporate VP, variety shows, music programs, such as music clips, an experience that has made the production of video works of all genres, video production producer. In recent years, the movie “Gothic & Lolita Psycho”, I engaged in central in “High Tension ☆ Please” such as the position of planning and production, etc. in many of the topics of the movie.

September 2011 in the movie that has been published in Japan “Assassin” is called a hot topic among overseas buyers in the film market in Cannes, France, including Korea screenings from January 2012, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam , sales deployment begins from Taiwan and Asian countries, North America, also declined sales expansion in Europe. 


Currently, it is planned and produced the local Animation of Urawa “Urawa no Usagi-chan”, was awarded the “Community Business Award” at the Saitama City New Business Award 2014.

From April 2015, I have refrained from Animation broadcast by Saitama Television other broadcasting stations.

In recent years, he is also acting as an animation song DJ.

Tomotaka Misawa’s Works

• Movie – “Gothic & Lolita Psycho” (2010)

• Movie – “High Tension ☆ Please” (2011)

• Movie – “Assassin” (2011)

• TVCM – “Aquarius vitamin guard”


• TV Drama – “Ushijima the Loan Shark”(TBS/MBS)


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