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Grand Battlogue of a Holy Seal

More featured anime with another seiyuu tagging along… 

Another soon-to-be-aired anime series, the 1st episode of this medieval fantasy Record of Grancrest War will be shown during the stage event, providing early preview before its air time!

グランクレスト戦記 (Featured Anime)


“I swear by to be faithful and bear true allegiance to Sir Theo.” A master-servant oath between Siluca, the lofty magician and Theo, the wandering knight that will likely wage a revolution in this war-torn and chaotic continent. Or not…

Atland, the continent ruled by Chaos. The Lords who seize the power of the “Crest” (Holy Seal), is the only thing that tranquillises calamities breed by Chaos, protecting those living in fear. But before anyone realises, the Lords have abandoned these ideals, turning against each other, vying to claim one another’s Holy Seal and territories.

This is when Siluca, who scorns these self-serving Lords, and Theo, the wandering knight who sets off training to one day liberates his tyrannical-ruled hometown, met. Struck by Theo’s ideal, Siluca decides to exchange an master-servant oath, waging revolutions to snuff out this war-torn continent, even if the plan is a coercive one.

See the journey of seeking the titular “Emperor’s holy seal (Grancrest) —the quintessence of law and order— unfolds as the curtain of this great war fantasy lift.

熊谷健太郎 Kumagai Kentaro (Special Guest)

Born 16 February in Okinawa. He is represented by Haikyo.

His hobbies are wide ranging, from football, to pro wrestling, to baseball and reading and collecting manga. He is also a certified open water diver. 


Some of his credits include:

• Aston Altland – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

• Haruhiko Takase – Tsuredure Children

• Tsubasa Kaneko – Tsuki ga Kirei

• Clauss – Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas

He voices Theo Conello in the upcoming Record of Grancrest War. 


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