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A Day At The Festival

Took me a couple of days after returning from the land of the fishy lion before I managed to trim down the many photos I took from C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2017…

As usual due to my photo-machine-gunning nature during the three days, I ended up with hoards of duplicates as well as many unfocused and blurry shots that I had to subject to massive culling, from about 1500 in total downed to just 300+… 


Enjoyed the seiyuu sections on the main stage along with the many booths and displays in the exhibition halls, especially those that shows anime series production key frames and sketches, as well as the many experience zones. 

Major sponsors really spared no expenses making their individual booths as elaborate as possible to attract the attention of fans and regular visitors alike…



The Day Before The Festival

The calm before the storm, otherwise refer to as the setup day, is when the organisers and participants of the Anime Festival Asia busy setting up their booths and displays.


Honoured to be invited to a media preview at one of the conference room in Suntec Convention Centre, I paid the site a visit and had a glimpse of the progress as well as getting some early preview of the attractions that will be available to the public tomorrow.


Yet More Guests For Akiba Stage

T-minus one day left until the commencement of Anime Festival Asia…

A couple more guests has been added to the already stellar line up of Akiba Stage~!

Gear (Special Guest)


WOTAGEI x CYALUME = CYALUME DANCE The best and strongest wotagei performance team in the world!

GINYU TOKUSENTAI/ Ginyu forcE is a group of wotagei dancers who harmoniously combine the art of wotagei dance and the art of luminous curves and straight lines of cyalume sticks.

They are known to be one of the first groups to show to the world those performances on YouTube and other videos sites and it’s the reason why they are well-known and admired by all the Cyalume Dancers in the world.

After 6 years of activities, they are highly respected not just because of their performance but also their collaborations with Google, Android, Toyota, Sony, Xperia, Nissin Cupnoodle, Space Shower TV and their self-production.

GEAR longs to travel and perform all around the world.







Emcees For The Main Stage

What an interesting turn of event! :Dc 

While the other two emcees, Yoshimi and Yoppi, are regulars from past years, Eshpal is a newcomer.


Eshpal “Ash” Mann is an acquaintance of mine for many years (Ever since my 1st pilgrimage close to a decade ago!), best known for his sexy beard as well as his voice-likeness to Furuya Tooru (Seiyuu for Amuro Ray). :P

Currently living his dream of becoming a seiyuu by studying at Japan for some years now, this marks his first début as a professional, hopefully he won’t have stage frights… XDc

Go for it! Go for your dream! We will cheer you on!

Even More Guests For Akiba Stage

Last spurt time! More guests for the Akiba Stage for Anime Festival Asia!

Amongst them is the CEO of Key’s!

Takahiro Baba (Special Guest)

Takahiro Baba is the CEO of the Japanese anime, game, and visual novel maker VisualArts/Key.

In Japan he was first in establishing a PC game franchise, and based on the popularity of Key’s works, he is handling the company’s licensing business and several anime productions. 


Centering on videogame soundtracks, he is also involved in music distribution, and was organizing concerts at Budokan, Yokohama-Arena and many more.

Baba’s notable works include “Kanon”, “AIR”, “CLANNAD”, “Angel Beats!”, “Little Busters!”, “Charlotte”, and “Rewrite”, among others.

VisualArts English Facebook 

VisualArts English Twitter