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Arming a Girl’s Frame

Another featured anime with more seiyuu tagging along… Three of them this time around! w00t!

The said anime is Frame Arms Girl, aired earlier this year to promote Kotobukiya’s line of plastic model figures.

フレームアームズ・ガール (Featured Anime)


Join Ao, an ordinary school girl, in her everyday life with the Frame Arms Girls, and watch their bonds deepen.

Ao, an ordinary high school girl, receives something mysterious in the mail one day, and upon opening the package, she finds herself with Gourai, a petite autonomous robot called a Frame Arms Girl.

Wow it’s a toy! It’s a plastic model kit!

But! Gourai isn’t just any ordinary Frame Arms Girl.

Unlike normal artificial intelligence programs, Gourai is an experimental prototype model endowed with AS (“Artificial Self”), giving her human-like emotions. Furthermore, this Gourai is the only one in the world to be successfully activated, and by Ao no less!

Together with Ao, who has zero knowledge of the Frame Arms Girls, Gourai gathers battle data and learns about emotions.

And so our heroine begins a curious, yet fun and exciting, lifestyle with Gourai and the other Frame Arms Girls!

山村響 Yamamura Hibiku (Special Guest)

Hails from Fukuoka, and was born on 10 February.

Her hobbies include photography and history, in particular the Heian Period. She is also good at illustration. 


As an voice actress, she has the following credits:

• Architect – Frame Arms Girl

• Mio Kusakai – Keijo!!!!!!!!

• Noriko Sonozaki – Kiznaiver

• Kirara Amanogawa/Cure Twinkle – Go! Princess PreCure

• Haruna – Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova

And many more… including games, movie dubbings and narration for tokusatsu shows.

As an artiste, she releases music under the name ‘hibiku’.

佳穂成美 Kaho Narumi (Special Guest)

She’s in born on 9th September. She is fond of window shopping as well as ‘soft’ tennis.


Some of the works she has been involved in include:

• Gourai – Frame Arms girl

• Sana Yamabuki – BanG Dream!

As well as credits in mobile games and TV narration.

阿部里果 Abe Rika (Special Guest)

Born 20 September in Mie prefecture. Interests include treating her friends to her cooking. She’s also good at giving nicknames to people. She is credited for several TV anime, including Hresvelgr of Frame Arms Girl, and roles in Riddle Story of Devil and The Pilot’s Love Song.

Other non-anime related credits include the titular character in Summer Lesson: Allison Snow Seven Days Garden as well as Mizuki Makabe in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live! She also reprises the same role as Makabe in cross-media releases like drama CDs, image songs and live performances. 


Catch her on stage during the Frame Arms Girl featured anime stage event at C3 AFA Singapore!


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