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Project B(e) an Expo(sure)

Next in line is for the fangirls and fanladies; B-Project, an all male anime idol group!

There’s also a special screening for virtual idol fans as well!

B-Project (Featured Anime)


What is “B-PROJECT”?

It’s a big idol project produced by a Japanese famous singer Takanori Nishikawa and its original work is created by a multi-talented creator, Chiyomaru Shikura. You will meet four boys idol groups; Kitakore, THRIVE, MooNs, and KiLLER KiNG.

The main character is a newbie A&R who just joins Gandhara Music, a huge record company, and she happens to be in charge of managing these four boy bands named above. The new job welcomes her with so many troubles, scandals, and gossips… and you will get to know more about the real music industry as well as the fascinating characters.