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1st Wave of Cosplay Announcement for C3 AFA17

After finishing the artiste line-ups for the Anisong concert, the officials spare no time and went ahead with the next announcement: star cosplayers from around the world.


The 1st wave of star cosplayers announcement includes Angie, Baozi, Hana, Enako, Liyuu, Serg Loki and Thames Malerose!

Angie (Malaysia)

Rising cosplay star in SEA, Angie has cosplayed more than 100 anime characters since 2008, with each cosplay more impressive than the last through her portrayals of each character. 


Currently with a whooping 87,000 over Facebook fans, she has attended multiple international cosplay events. Angie proves to hold strong support from cosplay fans in South East Asia with her anime-like features.



Baozi & Hana (China)

Baozi: Handsome and charismatic Baozi, is part of the extremely popular duo: Baozi & Hana. They have amassed huge fan followings in China and have begun to expand their fanbase overseas across the globe.

He shot to fame with his accurate portrayals of Makoto (from anime Free!). Baozi loves prop-making and often creates the props accompanying their luxurious costumes. 


Hana: Adorable and shy Hana, is part of the extremely popular duo: Baozi & Hana. They have amassed huge fan followings in China and have begun to expand their fanbase overseas across the globe.

Hana shot to fame with his various cosplay portrayals from popular anime, Kuroko’s basket. Hana loves experimenting makeup. He is able to create various looks with a swipe of his brushes. He and Baozi has since started their own cosmetics line, Flower Knows.





Enako (Japan)

Born on 22nd January 1994 in Nagoya, Enako is a charismatic cosplayer from Japan who is expanding her activities worldwide! Having fans all over the world, her Twitter and Instagram accounts have exceeded over 220,000 and 125,000 followers respectively.

Enako is widely known to be one of the top layers in Japan’s cosplay scene. Aside from cosplay, she does a whole range of other activities including TV appearances, magazine features and voice acting. Aiming to become the best in her field across Japan, the West and Asia, it’s the charismatic cosplayer Enako! 


Her current activities include:

• Assistant for TV Aichi’s “Seiji Chihara’s BUZZ☆DOL with Rena Matsui”

• Voice Actress of Takatsuki Hime and Official Cosplayer for mobile game “Shinkukan Dolls”

• Regular feature on Fashion Magazine “IMADOKI!!”

Liyuu (China)

Born on 9 Jan, Liyuu is a popular cosplayer on social media who is fond of anime, singing and video games. She has over 80,000 followers on Weibo and 120,000 followers on Twitter. 


In the near future, she seeks to further improve on her cosplay and expand her activities globally, including TV appearances, modelling, singing and even voice acting. She is currently working hard at studying Japanese.

Her hobbies include cosplaying, singing and playing video games.

Serg Loki (Russia)

The charismatic Serg Loki, is one of the top male cosplayers from Russia. He has been expanding his activities worldwide and has visited many cosplay events around Asia and Europe! 


Serg makes his cosplay costumes by himself and always pays special attention to the details.

This year, you can catch him in C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore. He wants to make new friends and show you his very best cosplay!

Thames Malerose (Thailand)

A talented cosplayer from Thailand. He graduated from a famous Art University in Thailand. Over the past year until now, he has been invited to be a cosplayer guest and a judge for many cosplay events. He has many skills and talents. He always creates his costumes and props on his own. 


Aside from being a cosplayer, he is an artist, a model, a designer, a composer and an actor. He is also a charming bassist of Malerose band.





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