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High School Fox of an Extella Fate

Upped on Kahotan’s blog is a preview of a certain good foxy wife of the Fate/Extra series, Tama-chan, clad in her JK (Joshi-Kousei aka High School Girl) costume as seen in an illustration as well as in-game unlockable of the musou game from last year, Fate/Extella!

While I’m no longer actively collecting fixed-posed figures (The last one being Tama-chan in her CCC default outfit from years back IIRC), instead going for action figures ala Figma or similar, I find myself unable to resist this beauty this time around…


Will definitely PO her in the next few days… =w=

Anyway, the below are excerpts from the original post on Kahotan’s…

From the high-speed action game “Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star” comes a 1/6th scale figure of Tamamo no Mae wearing a school uniform, based on an illustration that was included as a store purchase bonus!

The figure is posed kneeling on a cushion with her shirt buttons undone to reveal her impressive cleavage, with her cute twin-tailed hair sculpted and painted with great care to capture the original illustration as faithfully as possible! Be sure to add the cute bowing Tamamo to your collection!


The foxy good wife wearing a revealing school uniform!

The original illustration that the figure was based on was originally a bonus included with purchases of Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star from certain stores, but now it has been converted into an amazing figure by Phat! for fans to enjoy!

The bold pose tends to have her cleavage catch your eyes, but she also looks amazing from the back with her lovely bushy tail faithfully included! ★

Don’t you just wish you could run up and hug that bug bushy tail?! (・∀・)


Even though she is in a sitting pose, the figure has some impressive volume thanks to her hair and tail! The attention to detail is also fantastic! Here is a size comparison with an iPhone 6!

I asked the figure’s planner Takamatsu (@Phat_stuff) what his recommended highlights are on the figure, so let’s take a closer look! (。・ω・)ノ゙


Takamatsu: The first ever school uniform look for Tamamo no Mae! The fact that the “good wife” is dressed up in a school uniform also has a strange kind of imbalance that makes her all the more appealing!

I for one find it most appealing!! The cardigan tied around her hips, the pleat skirt you can see underneath it and the high socks all brought together by those beautiful thighs!! Looking at the figure from a slightly lower angle really provides all sorts of treats for the eyes! (っ’ω’)っ



Takamatsu: Tamamo no Mae has always had a very impressive bust, but this particular illustration has really emphasized the size which has in turn been represented on the figure as faithfully as possible!

Her shirt has been opened up to reveal her cleavage very nicely, plus they look so very soft and squishy due to the way they have been sculpted with gravity pulling down on them! The little hearts on the loose ribbon is also a lovely touch! ♥


Takamatsu: The tips of the hair make use of translucent parts together with a gradient paint effect to create a beautiful look!

The two bunches of hair that make up her twin-tails have been sculpted with very nice volume while also keeping amazing detail that makes her hair flow beautifully with a very smooth and silky look! The transparent ends also look lovely!! ♪


Takamatsu: Underneath the skirt, the tail is properly attached to her!

What you mean to say is… it’s attached to her, and not her clothes?


Takamatsu: That’s right! But you’ll have to take a closer look for yourself once she joins your collection!

The tail itself already looks great, but wait till you see underneath!!


A “foxy good wife” in her school uniform for your collection!

Tamamo no Mae: School Uniform Ver.!


She’ll be up for preorder from the 13th October! ♥

Be sure to check the Phat Company Official Website and Good Smile Company Website on the day for more details!


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