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Twin Dolls of a Grand Order

With the surging popularity of the mobile salt game Fate/Grand Order, especially with the recent release of the North American English version, it’s no doubt Volks would want to ride the hype and make bucks with this license.

In fact, they made similar collaboration with the Type-Moon license a before too, with the various versions of Sabers and Nero and other Fate series characters into their equally popular 1/3 Dollfie Dream series.


Announced a few day back, it’s no surprise Volks is on the move again with a new Pre-Order project “Fate/Grand Order x Dollfie Dream”, they had the same thing a few years back during Type-Moon’s 10th anniversary, involving DD Saber Fate/Extra ver. and DD Saber Alter 2nd Ver ≧w≦

This time around, the PO project consists of another version of the franchise milk queen, Saber Artoria Arthuria Altria Pendragon (Originally from Fate/Stay Night), but in DDS form instead of DD…

For the 2nd one, a new character (Also a Saber face) has been introduced, Ruler Jeanne d’Arc, originally from Fate/Apocrypha.


Truth to be told, I am quite tempted to just go ahead and PO Jeanne as I really like her armour design, however I’m more fond of her white version as in her final ascension in F/GO.

The PO won’t start until end of October, so we still got the time to finalise our decision.

For more info and updates please check the official page regularly. www



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