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3rd Flame Poem of an Extella Fate

Last time on The Umbral Star… 


Wiping out enemy programs and conquering hostile Sectors… 



2nd Flame Poem of an Extella Fate

Continuing from the prologue, the next part of the play through is ready for viewing.



1st Flame Poem of an Extella Fate

Released a few days back on Steam immediately after the Nintendo Switch version, Fate/Extella makes a triumphant entrance to the world of PC Gaming by storm. 

While the practice of separate sales of DLC contents still irked a majority of the community, the franchise nevertheless garnered a wealth of positive reactions from fans and newcomers alike to the series. 


Although I’ve completed the main story + some sub stories earlier the year via the Japanese PS4 version (Which you can view the complete play through on my Youtube channel), I’ve decided to replay the Steam version just for fun, and record the play through while I’m on it.


A Day (Or Two) at a Summer Wonderland

I’ve attended Penang Anime Matsuri 2017 Summer Wonderland last weekend. First and foremost sorry for the lateness in my photo post-processing for the past few days, for those looking forward (And expressed interests in…) to my event photos… I’ve finally managed to upload them all onto my Flickr yesterday. ^_^

It’s an extremely exhausting experience, what with my now slowly decaying physiques and years, I find myself no longer as enthusiastic as earlier years, even though the new site is a double thumbs-up for me.

It’s not easy being a Wizard. XDc


The new site at Spice Arena, a former mini stadium now redecorated for events, is much more comfortable when compared to past PAMs at Dewan Sri Pinang.

The enclosed space allows better air-conditioning (You could actually feel the chill in your bones even if the hall is packed with visitors, unlike past venue’s scorching hotness) as well as a more convention-like appeal ala Anime Festival Asia in Singapore (Co-Organised by the same team behind AFA too if you don’t know www). 


A Steamy Release of an Extella Fate

Another surprise down this month.

While the Switch version will be released on the 20th, XSEED Games announced there will be a PC Steam version (The full version with all the subtitles) too on the 25th!


Priced at USD 49.90, the game will be on a 10% discount for the first week until the 31st.

Unfortunately, all DLC costumes will be sold separately unlike Switch’s free-for-all. All costumes will be on 20% discount as well.