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Arrived at my door steps via FedEx is a tightly packaged parcel from Korea, a shipment that I have waited for roughly half a year by now. 

Within is a masterpiece from Black Swan, of which I have commissioned them to give Tama-chan a thorough make-over, thus the lack of her appearances during these past months…


As before mentioned, Black Swan commissions are not on the cheaper side. This job alone took me six months of separate installments before I finally cleared the cheques while they were working on the commission during the same period. 

However one can truly be confident of their work for being the best of the best. My past dealings and commissions with them, albeit in a smaller scale, impresses me over and over. 

Specifically asked for a much softer fabric that flows better, Black Swan sure have nailed it in the materials side.

The whole outfit feels really good to touch and movements on various joints especially around the elbows are not hindered as much, unlike the previous outfit Tama-chan has right before this.

The shine on the metallic material of various white areas of the outfit is a great add-on too.


Various details on Tama-chan’s signature 蒼色の呪術服 are faithfully recreated expertly, especially those markings on the obi itself. They are deliciously appealing to the eyes!

Do note that this outfit is made based on the official art from Fate/Extella instead of the original Fate/Extra, so some detail differences are to be expected.


The commission by Black Swan only consists of the outfit itself, sans the geta/fox ears/tail/Suiten/underwear.

The other accessories used on Tama-chan (Aside from the obviously DDIII body and head, Wersaze jointed fully poseable hands, as well as the metallic eyes inherited from earlier version) are either earlier commissions (Geta from Rana, fox ears + tail from Black Swan), or purchases made from Taobao (Suiten and the shimapan). w


Looking back, Tama-chan sure have went through many phases of upgrades and version-ups (Minor ones too!) over the years, turning from her clumsy custom version 1.0 self into the version 4.0 perfection she is now. ^w^

Such phases pretty much can be represented via Fate/Grand Order‘s ascension levels… XDc


Anyway, Tama-chan will be attending the upcoming Penang Anime Matsuri 2017 on my island, which will be held in less than a week’s time.

If you’re at the venue please do come to say hi to her. :3c


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