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Chibi Foxy Waifu of an Extra Fate

The ever-loving Caster from the Fate/Extra series, Tamamo no Mae finally made her appearance in the cutesy adorable form of a Nendoroid.

It may take her almost half a decade to finally arrive in this as well as her Figma form, but nonetheless the wait is worth every seconds. <3


Packaged in your standard Nendo box design and format, Tama-chan boasts a number of optional parts that will surely tickle any Master’s fancy.

Clad in her signature deep bluish segmented kimono as well as her gigantic but girlish bow, the Tama-chan figure is pretty detailed in the application along with her eye-catching fox ears and tail.

Thanks to her articulated obi (sash) and tail, she can stand nicely without the use of the given Nendo base, which is a weakness to most if not all Nendoroid figures.

While not explicitly shown in the photos, Tama-chan does wear her aoshimapan (blue-striped underwear), just like her Figma self. XDc


Tama-chan wouldn’t be complete without her Noble Phantasm, the holy mirror Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yano Shizu-Ishi. 

The surface of the mirror itself is just a coat of silver paint, which can partially show your own reflection unlike her Figma counterpart. 


And of course a Nendo base is included as well, with a couple of jointed arms that can hold her and her Noble Phantasm in place.

The base itself is of a larger variant, unlike newer Nendoroids that have much smaller base…


Aside from her default face plate, Tama-chan comes with a couple of extras: one with a winking smile and the other with a more aggressive expression.

Do note that the Nendoroid More’s Kigurumi Face Parts Case: Pink Bear and Kigurumi Face Parts Case:  Tuxedo Cat, are sold separately, not included with this Nendo. XDc


Optional arms and legs are included to allow you to recreate famous Tama-chan poses in the series.

First off are the arms that mimics the adorable “Kon” hand signs signifying the head shape of foxes. XDc It’s extremely hhhnnnggg to have witness this in this chibi form.


Being a Caster specialises in spells and curses imbued with elemental powers, Tama-chan comes with a right forearm that can hold a Charm, which she uses for attacks and such.

Just like her Figma counterpart, do be careful not to lose it as you only have a single of such Charm in the package.


And of course the leg part to do not only the fearful attack so-called the “Polygamist Castration Fist”, but as a regular bending legs to show her running or jumping… XDc

On side note, instead of the classic Nendo joints, ball joints are utilised on her hips instead, allowing a better degree of posing. Perhaps due to that design that even in chibi form, Tama-chan have a nicely detailed butt cheeks on the leg parts. 0w0


A kneeling seiza pose can be achieved via exchangeable parts as well, showcasing Tama-chan’s immense aura of good wife charm. <3


I can’t get enough of her superb kawaii-ness, especially in this kneeling seiza pose coupled with the winking face, topped with the “Kon” hand sign~!


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  1. Cuteness overload.

    12th June, 2017 at 15:24

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