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In the Spirit of Digivolving

Finally, after decades of waiting, the transformable line of Digimon action figures finally make a come back, now better designed and proportioned!

Must not miss this one this time around like I did my childhood! =w=

From the official site:

A worldwide hit in the early 2000’s the monumental transforming figure series, “Digivolving Figures” achieved “evolution” through physical transformation. This concept is pursued this time to the highest level. The pre-evolution “cuteness” and post-evolution “coolness” as well overall proportions are replicated using the newest sculpting technology. The finish of the final product is also given special consideration, using die-cast and chrome finish on some parts.


Striving to be the ultimate Digimon transforming figure series for collectors, this is “Digivolving Spirits”.

The basic concept of the “Digivolving Spirits” series is to achieve designs that weren’t possible with the technology of the earlier “Digivolving series”. The first release, WarGreymon, follows in the footsteps of the basic transformation from the “Digivolving series”.

But improvements to the joint system and the overall balance have resulted in a true Digivolution of the figure’s proportions. The result is a transforming figure that’s nostalgic and fresh at the same time.

We thoroughly investigated the design to determine the appropriate colors for WarGreymon. 

Not only is it painted down to the tiniest detail, but the yellow-to-orange change when it Digivolves is perfectly captured as well, without needing to swap parts.

The “Digivolving Spirits” use the best materials for demanding collectors. The body parts are molded in color, and in addition to accurate coloring, they’ve been texture processed for a tactile feel as well.

For WarGreymon, the silver colored chest, waist and arms, said to be made of “Chrondigizoit,” are molded in die-cast metal for a true metallic feel.

And the Dramon Killer weapons in its hands are finished in chrome plating, for a luxurious feel overall.

The sharp-looking sculpt represents a culmination of the Collectors Division’s years of creative and technical know-how. It’s designed to be suitable for discerning grown-up collectors.

When you compare the old and new products, you can see just how far the proportions in particular have evolved. We think you’ll agree that the transformed WarGreymon looks every bit as good as a non-transforming figure design. Also, the range of motion in the neck is amazingly improved.


The “Digivolving Spirits” series was developed with a multi-generational team including Digimon’s original creator Kenji Watanabe and younger staff who were still children when the original “Digivolving series” came out.

Under Watanabe’s strict supervision, the resulting figures represent ideal visual portrayals of his characters. While taking their lead from the anime, they incorporate playful American comic-style touches, never compromising on the detail that makes a three-dimensional portrayal great. As for WarGreymon, Watanabe is particularly proud of the facial designs.

In addition to the first release of WarGreymon, work is proceeding with the second in the series, Metal Garurumon. Other Digimon not released in the earlier series are under consideration too, so stay tuned for new developments in the Digivolving Spirits series!


Digivolving Spirits WarGreymon will be released in November later the year, while its PO will open in 3 day’s time!

MetalGarurumon will be next in line, too!


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