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I am One with the 4th and the 4th is with Me

On this fateful Star Wars day, I can finally proudly present my perfected signature weapon of a Force sensitive, a lightsaber I can call my own. 

It all started with iSaber’s V3 custom lightsaber I got at the end of the previous year, from a company on Taobao… 


While very pleasing visually, it fares poorly in terms of performance and gimmicks, suffering extreme sound de-synching and sensitivity problems.

Taking a couple of months since the mishaps of it predecessor, all the necessary parts needed for rebuilding the hilt’s inner electronics has been obtained from the original seller, upgrading it to the superior V4.

Reusing V3’s hilt, it’s just a matter of replacing the sound board, the battery tube and the LED module, thanks to the modular design allowing easy swapping between parts.

The new RGB-FOC module allows you to change the LED’s colour at will, via an interesting motion-based sound-only menu selection activated by long-pressing the switch while the saber is unlit.

From the same menu you can select from an assortment of sound fonts, adjusting volumes and also recording special combo actions.


In factory default, each press of the switch will cycle through a selection of preset colours.

It also features a flash-on-clash function, aside from the usual motion activated sounds (Which are on point and a lot more sensitive than V3’s).

There’s also an action training option where it will record your motions and tie them to certain sounds (Combo 1, combo 2 and so on). A pity I can’t really get it to work as for some reason it just refuses to record my elaborated movements. ^x^;

By the way, the video I’ve recorded just doesn’t do the blade colour justice, the colours are more vibrant and intense when seeing them with your own eyes, as well as through the still photos as seen below.


Similar to V3, V4’s sound board also include an SD Card slot where you can store all the sound fonts and settings in it. Unfortunately, to gain access to the SD Card, you’ll have to partially disassemble the whole hilt including the inner electronics. 

It came with 12 default CFV7 sound fonts, but you can easily replace all of them yourself with the ones you can purchase ( or find in this vast interweb.

Here’s a video testing some of the included fonts. Much pleasing to the ears. =w=

Lastly, may the Force be with you, always. ;3c

Remember, the Force surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds Star Wars fans together. w


2 responses

  1. “it binds Star Wars fans together” So true. I’m looking for an affordable lightsaber as well. Btw. Nice review and I’m also from Penang.

    26th May, 2017 at 17:30

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