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In the Spirit of Digivolving

Finally, after decades of waiting, the transformable line of Digimon action figures finally make a come back, now better designed and proportioned!

Must not miss this one this time around like I did my childhood! =w=

From the official site:

A worldwide hit in the early 2000’s the monumental transforming figure series, “Digivolving Figures” achieved “evolution” through physical transformation. This concept is pursued this time to the highest level. The pre-evolution “cuteness” and post-evolution “coolness” as well overall proportions are replicated using the newest sculpting technology. The finish of the final product is also given special consideration, using die-cast and chrome finish on some parts.


Striving to be the ultimate Digimon transforming figure series for collectors, this is “Digivolving Spirits”.

The basic concept of the “Digivolving Spirits” series is to achieve designs that weren’t possible with the technology of the earlier “Digivolving series”. The first release, WarGreymon, follows in the footsteps of the basic transformation from the “Digivolving series”.

But improvements to the joint system and the overall balance have resulted in a true Digivolution of the figure’s proportions. The result is a transforming figure that’s nostalgic and fresh at the same time.



Result of Another Grand Giveaway

Thanks to all participating in this giveaway. A total of only 2 entries adhering to the tightened rules were recorded before 0100 JST on the 7th of May.

Perhaps everyone is busy farming in the CCC x FGO collab event that no one noticed this giveaway at all… ^^;


Oh well, at least these only two participants have higher chance of winning the account… ^^;


2nd Ordering of a Grand Giveaway

B– B– CHAN-NERUUUU~~~!!!! <3 

After a long pre-event for the past half a moon, resulting me a Nero Bride and a couple of Gilgamesh from the summon pool, the true Fate/Extra CCC x Fate/Grand Order collab event has finally been unleashed!

All Masters around the world are equally excited to welcome the newly (Old? Since it exists in CCC several years back www) introduced Alter Ego class Servants. ^w^


Throughout the interwebs, everyone has voiced out their intention to at least secure Passionlip and/or Meltlilith, along with Suzuka Gozen.

Some even preparing live streams to capture their moment of triumph (Or despair :P) as soon as the servers are upped. XDc


I am One with the 4th and the 4th is with Me

On this fateful Star Wars day, I can finally proudly present my perfected signature weapon of a Force sensitive, a lightsaber I can call my own. 

It all started with iSaber’s V3 custom lightsaber I got at the end of the previous year, from a company on Taobao… 


While very pleasing visually, it fares poorly in terms of performance and gimmicks, suffering extreme sound de-synching and sensitivity problems.

Taking a couple of months since the mishaps of it predecessor, all the necessary parts needed for rebuilding the hilt’s inner electronics has been obtained from the original seller, upgrading it to the superior V4.