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Continuing from the previous analysis of Megatron in his robot mode, it is time for us to have a thorough research on his alternate mode…



In terms of difficulty of transformation, I must say Megatron is perhaps the toughest and the most complicated ever in my history of handling Transformers Masterpiece.

Lots of sliding and hooking and panels to slip, turn, and lock onto one another, which in turn dramatically increase the chances of paint-chipping and scratches. :/


Megatron’s alternate mode is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, the Walther P38. A pity Megatron is not designated MP-38 but MP-36 instead, which is a bummer as we can surely meta the **** out of it… XDc

While accurate and similar in visual to the real thing, some liberty here and there has been taken on the design. Most notably the added scope and the thicker handle.


I am not much of a gun expert, but interestingly there is a guide rail along the left side of the gun’s handle and the trigger, which lets a user’s left index finger rest comfortably, suggesting the weapon is meant for left-handed users. :3c

Or it could be meant for a user’s right thumb instead, but I find the position not very comfortable when I hold it myself…  I am a left-hander, so to speak. 

The trigger itself comes with a spring that retracts back to its base position even after you pressed it, creating an illusion of you actually pulling the trigger of the gun. w  


There is a safety lever, near the end of the body at the left side of the pistol, that you can slide between two locked positions.

This very same lever is also part of the transformation. 


Also a part of the transformation, the hammer can be rotated in a limited fashion to simulate it being in a cocked position. w


And here’s a look on the other side of the pistol. :3c


Utilising the Silencer and the Stock, Megatron can be fitted into this monstrosity of a customised pistol.

Unfortunately, sliding the silencer into place will definitely chip the paint job on the barrel of the pistol, which unfortunately I did. :/ 


The Fusion Cannon, now an aiming Scope for the pistol, contains the electronics for the sound/voice gimmick bestowed upon MP-36.

Utilising a couple of LR-44 button batteries (Sold separately) that can be installed in a compartment beneath the Scope itself, the gimmick offers a shooting sound effect, a couple of classic transforming sound effects, as well as several lines from the Japanese version of the animated series.

Concluding the review, I will reveal (Pun not intended) several cons (Again, pun not intended) I found on this newest Masterpiece.

My copy of Megatron have a floppy backpack, as the two flaps of either end tends to not stay in place. Curiously, I saw a few video reviews elsewhere but notice their Megatron’s backpack do stay in place.

Bad quality check I suppose, and bad luck for me to receive this defect. 


As briefly mentioned before, paint-chipping and scratches are prominent on this Masterpiece, and many of them unavoidable. orz

For mine, both the rear ends of the pistol body (Which transformed into the underside of the forearms in robot mode) have visible chippings of the silver paint layer. Scratches are visible throughout all parts that involve a lot of sliding and turning, especially the various panels covering the pistol’s body and handle.

Many of the panels that lock all parts together don’t seem to do their job perfectly as I found out. Some of them not really held in place firmly, especially the part beneath the Scope as well as the hooks on the rear skirts in robot mode. 


I also find the hooking parts that lock both ends of the trigger guard seemingly fragile. I fear it may break after unknown times of transformation to and fro. The safety lever too feels very loose on mine.

On another note, I accidentally warped a piece on the skirt panel in robot mode during transformation. Good thing it is located on the inner side that doesn’t seem too visible in either mode. Whew!

Should you get the MP-36? Hell yeah, definitely! This is perhaps the most animation-accurate figure you can find that can flawlessly transform into his alternate mode. Just be careful when you handle him, as he is more than meets the eyes. www


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