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「I Would Have Waited an Eternity For This」

Ever since the release of the inferior incarnation of the so-called “Masterpiece”, designated as MP-05, many fans cried out for a proper rendition of the tyrant that is the Decepticon leader, Megatron. 

Over the years, many third-parties took up the challenge with their own creations, some good, some not so; But all of them significantly better than MP-05.

It wasn’t until the surprise announcement last year that the fans finally got their wish fulfilled: the MP-36, or as most of us refer him as, Megatron 2.0. And with that, the quote (The title of this post) from the 1986’s Transformers: The Movie takes on a new meaning… w


Pre-ordered via Taobao in bid to lessen the shipping cost, my package arrived just over a week ago, and I’ve fiddled with the Masterpiece ever since.

As always, clad in the standardised Masterpiece style box art design, the outer shell is littered with pictures of the product itself as well as various information and features.

Aside from the usual logos, curiously there is an extra one not seen on earlier entries: Long Life Design. Apparently this is an award bestowed upon Takara Tomy’s Masterpiece line of toys, so I expect future MPs will have this logo on their boxes as well.

The contents of the box itself now laid bare to feast your eyes. =w=


A bonus to the Asian region aside from Japan, a collectible silver coin bearing the head of the tyrant himself is included, in a card envelope made to resemble Megatron’s torso.


The package comes with not one, but two instruction manuals: one in Japanese, while the other in Chinese, meant for the collectors residing in China.

A collectible card is included as well, a staple of the MP line.

The main figure and his abundance of accessories are nicely secured in a couple of layers of plastic prison clamp shells. :P


Here’s the main figure of the Decepticon leader in all his glorious magnificence! A divine upgrade when compared to his precious MP-05 self! The accuracy to his animation counterpart is spot-on.

Megatron is fully coated in several shades of matte silver-grey finish and black paint, although they are prone to damage such as paint-chipping and scratches, no thanks to his some what complicated method of transformation that involves a lot of scraping between parts and panels.

I will highlight the damages on my Megatron at the end of the review.  


Thanks to his incredible amount of transformation joints as well as built-in modern-day articulations, Megatron can easily pull off megatons of poses that stretches your imaginations. 

The Super Hero Landing™ for example, he can actually partially replicate that. 


In terms of accessories, MP-36 comes with three extra expressions for Megatron: an evil laugh face, a furious face as well as a damaged face.

Sparing no expense, Takara Tomy opted to recreate the inner side of the head (Once the face is removed) with details of the X-Ray schematics as seen in Transformers: The Movie when Megatron is being reconfigured as Galvatron, a major fanservice to the collectors.


Aside from the faces, he too have an exchangeable chest plate that replicates the heavy damages he suffered from his battle with Optimus Prime within the movie. Similarly, once detached, you can gaze upon the mechanical details just underneath the chest plate.

Combined with the damaged face, you can recreate various scenes from the movie itself at your whim! :Dc


As one of his many accessories, Megatron gets his Head Gear which appears in one of the episodes in the original G1 series when he used it to control the clone of Optimus Prime to do his bidding.


Similarly, Megatron also possess the Key to Vector Sigma, which he “liberated” from Alpha Trion in the animated series.

The key itself is a die-cast mould, coated with bright yellowish gold paint.


In terms of his extra armaments aside from his trusted Fusion Cannon, Magatron can wield the crystal-clear purple-coloured Energy Mace. The weapon itself is slotted upon either wrist of Megatron himself, once you slid out the hand before hand (*cough *cough).

Aside from the standard chain, an articulated jointed chain is included for those more dynamic swinging poses…


The iconic Blaster that ends the Spark of Optimus Prime in the movie is included for those looking forward to scrap the Autobot leader. w


And of course why not include the Laser Dagger that helped in the disposal of Optimus in the first place before the last shot from the Blaster? :P

The blade effect can be detached and used on the Blaster as a firing effect as well, if you are so incline.


A stock and a silencer, meant for Megatron’s alt mode, are included.

When these two combined, together with the Fusion Cannon (AKA Scope), they will be transformed into a Telescopic Laser Cannon, of which Megatron can wield as sort of a gun emplacement.


The Stock alone can also double (triple?) up as a Flight Stand as well, although the connector tends to be very tight and will require some tool to pry away from Megatron himself, damaging the paint in the process… :/

Megatron can even utilise the Silencer alone with his Fusion Cannon as an over the shoulder Particle Beam Cannon.


We’ll take a look at Megatron’s alt mode in my next posting.

Stay tuned. ^_~


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  1. wow great shots with those poses!

    19th April, 2017 at 22:52

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