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A Switch of an Extella Fate

This came as quite a surprise, with the announcement of a port of the ever popular musou game of the Nasuverse, Fate/Extella to the Nintendo Switch game console


Set to be released this July on the 20th, there will be 3 variants on sale: the Limited Box that will include Wada Arco’s specially illustrated box design, the usual normal box as well as the download version, priced at 9,800 yen, 7,800 yen and 7,800 yen respectively.


Nero Claudius Outfit「Liberated Bride Costume」


The Switch version will include a special costume for Nero Claudius: her CCC bride outfit, but fully unlocked to display her ample chest down to her navel… 0+0

DLC Costumes


All 35 DLC costumes (33+2 first release edition bonus) previously available for sale on PSN will be included in the package at no extra charges. D:

Multi Language Support


Subtitles are changeable on the go, from English to Chinese to Korean… Aside from the default Japanese of course!

The in-game voice overs will still be in the original Japanese dub. 

The Beginning of a Fateful All-Stars Battle


Just like the original game, the port will allow you to play as 16 Servants in the Fate universe, raining destruction upon the battle field that is SE.RA.PH.!


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