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An Elegant Weapon For a More Civilised Age

Any Star Wars fan will surely remembers and recognises the iconic weapon of a Jedi Knight, the coloured laser bladed sword of awesomeness. It’s no secret that every one of them would want a weapon of such calibre in their own collection of ever-growing Star Wars merch, may it be just prop hilt or real toys.

While there exists official lightsabre toys from the official license holders, such merchs are in the end just mass-produced collector’s items of varying quality, usually below par. Luckily for the past decade or so, fan made custom lightsabres are things of beauty, going through evolution by evolution of upgrades that surpassed the likes of their official counterparts.

Various designs were created, sounds and light gimmicks perfected, which are practically indistinguishable from the movie magic nowadays. They were utilised in many forms, from conventions wielded by cosplayers, to even as an actual fencing swords in Jedi inspired combat training camps…  


After coming back from the screening of Episode VII: The Force Awakens about a year and a half back, eager to get my hands on a lightsabre, I’ve gotten myself an Anakin-to-Vader Ultimate FX Lightsabre from Hasbro, only to be utterly disappointed by its plastic build and less than desirable brightness of the blade, not to mention one of its core function (Changing from blue to red blade at will while ignited) is defective.

Fast forward a year later after the viewing of Rogue One, once again my wish to acquire a lightsabre of my own resurfaced, this time I’m in for a treat as I’ve managed to find one on Taobao that is actually affordable, unlike the premium prices on various custom lightsabre makers (Such as Ultrasabers and SaberForge) out there…

Packaged in a nice looking long red leather-like box, the V3 lightsabre from iSaber Inc. and its various accessories are neatly stashed away in black soft foams that keeps them in place during shipping.

The whole package has the hilt itself, its bullet tipped blade, a micro USB cable and the charger itself, a small bag of extra screws as well as a helix wrench.


Here’s an over all look at the main focus of the package, the lightsabre hilt itself.

Clad in nicely made metal parts of black and silver that binds together in a neat design, the hilt features a red ascended light-up button switch as well as a hole at the main grip for the previously mentioned micro USB charger to attach onto.

The hilt design is a partial homage to Darth Vader’s hilt, just without the clunky box switch and the protruding parts that surround the body, as well as a slight difference on the emitter and the pommel itself. 


The hilt adapts a modular design, meaning you can easily separate the individual parts: emitter, switch, body, pommel, etc, and then mix & match with another hilt design from the same maker to create your own design at will.

Not shown here, but the sound board within the hilt has an SD card where the sound effects are stored, in WAV form. You can easily replace the default sound fonts on board with the ones you found/purchased and downloaded on the interwebs.


Igniting the hilt produced a 10W bright red light that is very blinding if you shine it directly at your face (Never do that ^^;).

The holes at the base of the emitter make for a good display of details when the red light shines through.


Finally, with the blade attached and ignited…

The Force is strong in this one!


While the lightsabre is top-notch visually, it is not as much audibly…

The sounds and motions are all over the place and not synced at all, with many silent gaps in between effects, delayed responses and many other negatives. :/

Here are the tests to show what I’m talking about:

Upon contacting the seller, he/she said it’s due to bad settings on the SD card, and they will try to adjust the settings and sent me the updated file. We shall see what will happen then…

Apparently they are releasing V4 RGB Flash-On-Clash (FOC) colour-changing lightsabre (With 12 sound fonts instead of 4!) right now, which I’m in the process to get I’ve successfully made the necessary arrangement to obtain the parts to upgrade my V3 to such since it’s a modular design and is easily upgradable on my own… w Most importantly, the seller guarantees no such defect as seen in my V3 video on the V4!


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