Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Fiery Rooster Entering a New Lunatic Year

The Monkey stopped going apes at the end of this season, making way for the Rooster to cock a doodle doo!

Please bear with me and excuse my animal puns… :P


The guilt of neglecting Ranka-chan for a long time now has finally caught up to me, so I guess I should let her come out of the closet and be the kanban musume this year in the celebration of this prosperous Lunar New Year. =w=

Tama-chan can just stay back, relax and enjoy the festive season this time…

If you surely have noticed, I’ve finally got my girls a pair of fully articulated hands! Each of the fingers are bendable via individual segmented joints!

These soft-skinned hands are a product of Wersaze, a third-party doll modder from Taobao. They also make soft busts (Of various sizes no less) and hips for Dollfie Dreams too.


Just look how expressive they are on Ranka-chan!

Tama-chan’s long years of waiting to do a Kon Kon hand sign can finally come to an end. XDc


Anyway, may you all have wonderful holidays!


Gong Xi Gong Xi Fa Da Cai!

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