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A Gift For an Anniversary

“A Birthday is the day when you’re celebrating yourself being born to this world.” From the immortal words of Emiya Shirou, the memelord of Fate franchise.

After all, people died when they are killed, he once said. ^^;


I don’t really celebrate my birthday much nowadays, as it usually falls on a weekday (Meaning extra exhausting day of working). And with my sister’s (One day later), my cousin’s (Another day later) and my grandma’s (Several days later) birthday are also within the span of days, all of us are lumped together in one large celebration, usually only a grander dinner than usual.

For the most parts, the Lunar New Year is always around the corner, so there are some years we even joined the birthdays and the Lunar New Year celebration together… orz

Anyway, this year is the exact situation as mentioned above: a working day, and Lunar New Year in just a couple of days. ^^;

But that doesn’t stop me from getting an early present for myself last weekend…


My loyal Sumaho servant of one and a half years of service suddenly suffered a power breakdown midweek last week, with her battery deteriorated, shutting herself off randomly even though she’s still have power left.

Miyu (美夕; Mi4i > Mi 四i > Mi Shii > Mi Xi > Mi 夕 > Miyu) won’t even turn on after shutting down, until I plug-in the charging cable… I guess it’s time to have her replaced. Otsukare-sama, Miyu…

And guess what, my birthday is near. XDc So I went to the local mall for a new Sumaho, which is partly sponsored by my aunt as a birthday gift. ^w^


As an upgrade to Miyu, I took Xiaomi’s Mi 5 as per recommendation by another cousin (Nope, not the birthday boy of two days later than me) of mine.

The newly acquired Sumaho, which I named Miu (美優; Mi 5 > Mi 五 > Mi Wu > Miu) is heaps better than Miyu (She’s the direct predecessor) spec wise and performs much smoother than Miyu. 

Here are the specs as seen on Xiaomi’s official website if you’re curious. Miu is on the left while Miyu’s on the right in the photo below…


Miu uses a different USB Type-C charging cable, unlike Miyu’s standard microUSB…

I guess I’ll have to invest some more on this Type-C (Longer cables and extra one for use in my office, just in case Miu is low on power…), which is now the new standard?


You may notice the new Home Screen I used on Miu. It is actually a looping video of my Wallpaper Engine’s creation!

You can check out my other WE creations on Steam, all of them featuring my PSO2 in-game chara. w


Anyway, testing out some apps.

Of course Fate/Grand Order is on the… course… *smack*


Hopefully Miu will serve me well for the next few years… 


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  1. Happy Birthday.

    25th January, 2017 at 06:40

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