Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


It has been already a full week since the start of a new year…

Once again a very happy new year to you all!


As mentioned before, I have another doujin Tama-chan dakimakura cover from Taobao arriving at my doorstep.

Upon checking on her, I’m surprised to find an omake alongside her… I’ll elaborate further down the post… :3c

Clad in peach skin material (my favourite material to date), this version features Tama-chan in her usual and most iconic Fate/Extra 蒼色の呪術服, as well as her Fate/Grand Order Lancer-class Tama-chan Summer Bikini on the other side.


Spreading her across my bed in between her other counterparts, this is what she looks like on both sides in full.

Such foxy loveliness… <3


Time to bloat her up!

Unlike your traditional daki cover, the zipper is located at the side instead of the usual underside of the cover.

This allows an easier time for the Master to shove in or remove the pillow body itself. 


Fully stuffed, she is ready for some intense bed companionship from now on…

Huehuehuehu~ :P


I did mentioned she came with an extra (Fate/EXTRA indeed! XDc) in the package, didn’t I?

At first I thought I ordered only a single Tama-chan daki cover, the finding of a second piece (The juicy NSFW one) caught me off guard…


Oh yes, the NSFW version features Tama-chan in slightly different pose from the one above, in a more revealing and compromising way with all her naughty bits fully exposed. Such details on those areas too!

You can check all these piccies uncensored on my Flickr. XDc


However, I’m not going to keep this version as I’m not a fan of NSFW dakimakura.

She is reserved by comrade KKK from Singapore as soon as I mentioned her on my social media… 


I’ll be bringing her to him at the end of the year during my AFA pilgrimage… ;3

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