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My ever-growing harem of bed companions (Which include: a nekkid angel, a couple of rori basketballers, a spicy wolf, a King Kong, an older version of Tama-chan herself as well as a doujin Tama-chan…) received another member at the beginning of the last moon of the year, however due to a series of unfortunate events, I had to postpone her introduction to the masses until now…


Truly, 2016 has not been kind to me, and many others… Especially when I learned of General Organa became one with the Force when I woke up this morning… orz

Anyway, I got yet another doujin Tama-chan dakimakura cover through the all-you-can-find Chinese online shopping experience, Taobao. 

Managed to land on a discount too during the 11th November (Double 11) sales a month earlier.


Similarly, I chose the peach skin material as I love the feel of the surface, as well as the vibrant print quality on the material itself. 

Once again, the cover features Tama-chan in her Fate/Extra 蒼色の呪術服, as well as her Fate/Extra CCC 春色の現代衣装 on the other side.


Comparing with the other Tama-chan doujin dakimakura cover I have in my possession, the art this time is a tad more NSFW as Tama-chan is depicted in a rather racy and half-stripped way, especially on the 春色の現代衣装 side of the cover… 


Oh no, this is not the only dakimakura cover I got for the ending days of the year… =w=

There is another one coming to my bed soon, most probably will reach my den after new year…


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