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A Not So Pocket Sized X’mas

During my flight to Singapore for my pilgrimage to AFA16 last month, I read in one of the pamphlets at my seat about a certain Pokémon collaboration at Singapore Changi International Airport.

As soon as I reached my destination, I immediately set off to visit the locations around the airport’s various Terminals for a sight of these special decoration in celebration of Christmas and Pokémon. 


Pokémon found itself an international sensation during the launch of an app on Android as well as iOS earlier the year, in the form of an Augmented Reality game that lets you capture Pokémon every where…

Although the boom kinda died down now, the popularity still catches on.

A couple of human sized Snorlax chilling near Christmas trees full of Pokéballs and Pikachus.

How I wish I could afford one, such big sized Pokémon body pillow! XDc


You can get yourself one of the 9 hug-size Pokémons (And a ball) from various redemption counters spread across the Terminals too.

However there’s a catch: you’ll need to spend SGD 60 in a single receipt at one of the participating shops within the Terminals, only after that you can redeem only one of the plushies of your choice by paying another SGD 10…

Needless to say, Pikachus and Eevees were fully redeemed at many counters save from the ones at the less crowded areas of all Terminals. 


More Pokémons spotted in the wold at another Terminal!


This is one gargantuan Pikachu beside a Santa’s workshop surrounded by Pokémon Christmas trees, almost 3 storeys high!

Within the workshop, of course more Pokémons are spotted.


There’s even a display area within the Point-of-No-Return, just after I passed through the Departure Hall and entered the gate to get to my flight the week after…

Similarly, a gigantic (Albeit smaller sized) Pikachu with Santa hat underneath the Christmas tree full of Pokéballs and Pokémons.


These displays will still be there until some time in January I believe, so if you’re in Singapore at that time, please do pay a visit to these wonderful Pokémons roaming around… XDc


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