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Acquisitions From AFA16

Although I no longer actively rampaging through ACG events for them (Sometimes bargain) figures and stuff for the past few years (I usually procure them through online shops exclusively nowadays), I do get several things from my trip to Anime Festival Asia 2016…

Once again thanks to the organisers for the access to the event.


Strangely enough, this year they’ve decided to do away the pass tag for us, instead we were given colourful complementary arm bands that doubled up as tickets, which we have to obtain daily from the registration counter. These arm bands were to be scanned (A new system implemented this year, no such measures during last year) upon entry and exit from the halls, just like the normal visitor’s tickets.

To denote our special status though, we were given a sticker label which we have to attach onto ourselves. I chose to put it onto my lens since I’ll be bringing it all around the venue for the day anyway. :P We were allowed access to the halls via an alternate entry point as well, which is totally free from the long queues of the regular entrance…

Anyway, back to my acquisitions.

As mentioned in previous posts, I was quite delighted and astonished at an increase of Tama-chan stuff this year. As such I’ve poured in my hard-earned fortune acquiring several key chains, a button badge, a T-Shirt, a sticker and a photo book.


Nyarumaa-san brought over some of her Tama-chan photo books, of course I won’t miss the chance to obtain one. :P

She also gave me her 5* SSR cos card. XDc Had her autographed the photo book as well. ^_^


From Tomodachi, the Thailand doujin circle, came a chibi Tama-chan “Miko-n” T-Shirt. Was actually meant to get it during PAM16 but unfortunately they didn’t have her in stock at that time…

Luckily this time around they have…


Collected a number of other cos cards and business cards from various individuals as well.


While I already secured the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Hidden Blade several years back, during my one and only trip to Comic Fiesta 2013, from Australia thanks to the machination of a certain comrade, equipping a second set will be a nice touch…

Saw the Hidden Blades on sale at the Xinbo booths in the exhibition halls for a fraction of the original price, I immediately grabbed one for myself. However upon close inspection and comparison with my original set, I realised this is a bootleg: Sloppy paint jobs, visible nub marks and uncleaned sprue leftovers, and material difference.

While feeling cheated, I must say it’s still a bargain for its price. For some reason the locking mechanism for the spring-loaded retractable blade performs better than the original one I had, where it may randomly and suddenly extend on its own even if the lock is on… ^^; Not unless you place the lock on first before you retract the blade (One usually retract THEN lock it afterwards).


That concludes my AFA trip for the year. Please excuse the lateness as I’ve gone through a sad event for the past week.

Anyway, since it’s getting nearer, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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