Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Fateful Encounters at AFA16

A natural occurrence during any ACG events, a throng of visitors and cosplayers alike flood the area just outside the exhibition halls, filled with walls of eager photogs and various photo-shooting setups, as well as wandering coser groups and loners, coupled with curious plebs wondering what the **** is going on… www


Countless heads can be seen everywhere for the duration of Anime Festival Asia 2106, especially when viewed from the floor where the exhibition halls are located (4th floor or Suntech Convention Centre; The cosplayers gathering spot is at 3rd floor)…

Back to the exhibition halls, Domo-kun and Oo-kun once again welcome the Zerg rush of visitors, while occasionally beating the crap out of one another and trolling the security uncle at the entrance. w


Lots and lots of gorgeous cosplayers inside and outside (A majority of them) of the exhibition halls as always… 


While not deliberately following or stalking any of the guest cosplayers, I did managed to snatch a number of shots of a trio of them while roaming around the exhibitions halls, due to the Akiba Stage where the guests are having special appearances, is just across my usual camping spot at the Creatos Hub area… ^^;

In order: Enako as Seika-chan (AFA’s kanban musume) and Titania!Asuna (Sword Art Online); Angie as Frame Arms Girl booth babe; Ying Tze as TamamoCat (Fate/Grand Order).


Cosplayer of the Fate series made a grand attendance in this year’s AFA, especially during Day 3, where almost a hundred of them were on site, just outside the exhibition halls!

All these colourful Servants of various shapes and sizes are pretty much the attention grabber for the event this year. 


I’ve managed made a close acquaintance with a Japanese cosplayer on site during the duration of the event.

Nyarumaa-san is a dedicated cosplayer, known to many by her great portrayal of Tama-chan. I’ve followed her on Twitter and Facebook for some time now before this. Now I finally get to meet her in the flesh. ^w^

Doing the Tama-Tower with her was quite an experience. She is quite excited over meeting my Tama-chan and her counterparts. XDc 

While she is said to have been studying the Chinese and the English language (Of which both I’m fluent with), she can only converse in Japanese for the time being as she relies heavily on Google translate during our conversations online. XDc Having a face-to-face chat with her is a bit awkward for me since I’m not really pera pera in my Japanese conversational skill even though I’m quite OK with reading and understanding them. Will need to brush up my language study then… ^^;


While there was a Kancolle wall last year, this time we have Tama-chan summoning circle! Perhaps an SSR might be bestowed upon you in your Fate/Grand Order salt pool after you witness this? =w=

The Tamamo Nine boxes of Figma is a contribution of comrade KKK. Many thanks to him and Nyarumaa-san (And another Tama-chan cosplayer Katy too, for the similar setup in one of my photos above www) for allowing this shenanigan… XDc


Lots of Walkure attacks during the event as well. Although I’ve only managed to catch these three into my lens. orz A tiny regret for failing to take a pic of a Nakajima Makina running around on Day 3.

Lawson Kashima bids me farewell as I’m rounding up this post. :P


This is pretty much everything regarding my AFA16 trip 2 weeks back.

My next post will cover the stuff I procured during the event…

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