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Standing High at AFA16

Once again, standees made a prominent presence throughout the exhibition halls of Anime Festival Asia 2016, playing a huge part of the promotion of their respective booths…


Instead of standees, human sized statues of several popular Gundams are spread within and outside the exhibition halls, including Unicorn Gundam, Gundam Barbatos and a couple of Beargguys…




BanG Dream is a new girl band anime for the next season, scheduled to air in January.


Sword Art Online

Standees of Kirito, Yuna and Asuna has been placed within the booth, promoting the upcoming movie Ordinal Scale.


Of course Iona (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) and the girls of Senshado (Girls Und Panzer) were strategically placed around the booth, promoting their collaboration with World of Warships and World of Tanks respectively. www



Baselard and Gourai made a special appearance at the booth, promoting their plamo line of Frame Arms Girl.



One of the photo booths have a trio of characters standees to promote the featured anime Assassination Classroom…


Waku Waku Japan

Pikotaro’s standee is available for selfie sessions to the public.

Props like his signature leopard spot scarf, shades, pineapples, pen and apples are provided for your enjoyment… XDc


Tsukuri x Simon Creative

A known Japanese Tama-chan cosplayer was stationed there for all three days!

Of course I would not miss the chance to meet her in person!


Random Standees at Creators Hub

Some of the doujin booths have their own standees as well!


Speaking of Creators Hub, coming up next will be a look at the doujinshi scene of the Anime Festival Asia 2016… ^_^

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