Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Crowd Gone Wild at AFA16

Although it took me a couple of days after gotten myself back to my den, I’ve finally finished the processing of all the shots I caught into my lens during my holiday visit to the Singapore last weekend, for none other than the most anticipated ACG event of the year, Anime Festival Asia 2016.

This marks my 8th annual pilgrimage to the City of the Puking Lion Fish, ever since my journey started during the year 2009, which is the 2nd year AFA debuted at that period.


Whoa, it’s already been that long a time!?

As I’ve been always staying at a relative’s place during my yearly Singapore visits, the journey from my lodge to Suntec Convention Centre, the venue of AFA, has always been a chore.

Luckily thanks to Singapore’s advance (Although prone to be problematic at times, as told by Singaporean comrades) Monorail Transit, my trip usually took about an hour’s time.


Video feed promoting the AFA16 screened across the gigantic TV display panels at Suntec Convention Centre’s main entrance as soon as I reached the venue, showcasing various guests that will make appearances in the event itself.

The actual entrance to the halls itself is decorated with a huge arch with some illustration of AFA’s kanban musume Seika-chan, as well as the masct AFA-kun.

As commented by comrade Gordonator who tagged along with me on Day 1, Seika-chan looks prettier this year and for some reason have larger bust size this time around. XDc


At a floor below are the ticketing sales counters, filled with eager fans awaiting to get their hands on a pass to gain entry into the exhibition halls and/or the main stage.


Early birds already packed the doorway to heaven as soon as I arrived at my destination.

These veterans and fans alike were wise enough to procure their tickets before hand (Ticket sales actually went “online” during Day 0, A.K.A. Setup Day, the day before) to avoid having to queue for the sales as mentioned just a paragraph above… XDc


As soon as the flood gate opens, the throng of rushers poured into the exhibition halls like a tidal wave of tsunami, heading directly towards their intended targets to buy and claim the limited items and guest autograph tickets…


Coming up in my next post: a look at various booths and displays within the exhibition halls…


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