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4th Set of DLC of an Extella Fate

The 3rd set of DLC costumes for various Servants of Fate/Extella has been released in the wild on PSN…

Each of the 7 outfits are currently available on PSN for 400 yen per piece or a sum of 2,240 yen for the whole set.

Following close is the 4th set of costumes, which will be released on the 8th of December…

Each of the 9 outfits, titled the Extra Male Costumes, will be made available on PSN for 400 yen per piece or a sum of 2,880 yen for the set.


無銘衣装「スラッシュ&コネクト」Mumei Outfit「Slash & Connect」

ガウェイン衣装「ブリテンウェイター」Gawain Outfit「Britain Waiter」

クー・フーリン衣装「ヤングランサー」Cu Culainn Outfit「Young Lancer」


李書文衣装「李氏無頼行」Li Shuwen Outfit「Li’s Way of the Ruffian」

カルナ衣装「フラワーコーディネーター」Karna Outfit「Flower Coordinator」

呂布奉先衣装「黒武神超骨格」Ryofu Housen Outfit「Black Warrior’s Ultimate Frame」


ギルガメッシュ衣装「背徳のライダージャケット」Gilgamesh Outfit「Immoral Rider Jacket」

イスカンダル衣装「フォーマル・キング」Iskandar Outfit「Formal King」

アルキメデス衣装「一時の日常」Archimedes Outfit「Temporary Daily Life」


There is one more DLC set which will be released the week after the next set: 

  • 15th of December – Stay Night Costumes (3 Sets)

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