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A Satisfying Serving of an Extella Fate

For the past week or so, I’ve been busy indulging myself with the heavily action oriented Musou type game based upon the Fate franchise, Fate/Extella.

Arrived at my humble den via Express Mail Service in less than a week’s time after release, I’m quite surprised this time around that the delivery, handled by none other than the notorious Postal Dude called Pos Laju (Speed Mail, or should I say Snail Mail?) in my country is fast and hassle free, unlike my past experience with them for the past few years…


Originally pre-ordered the PSVita version, I’ve changed my order mid-way through when I’ve gotten myself a PlayStation 4 several months back…

The version I got right now is the PS4 version of the limited edition Regalia Box, which include several freebies along with the store specific bonus.

Clad in a gorgeous illustration by our favourite illustrator Wada Arco, the sakura-pink package features Nero, Jeanne and Elizabeth in their sort of wedding gown… Lovely indeed.

Where’s Tamamo though I wonder, since she is Wada sensei’s (And mine obviously) favourite character in the Fate/Extra series?

Listed at the back of the box are all the specials and add-on included within this Box, as well as a few screenshots of the game itself…


Breaking the tradition unlike the limited editions of earlier entries, the Regalia Box of Fate/Extella doesn’t include any Figma action figure, and doesn’t have the pre-fix “Type-Moon” in its title.

Fate/Extra (Type-Moon Box) and Fate/Extra CCC (Type-Moon Virgin White Box) both came with Figma Nero and Figma Nero Bride respectively.

As a result, the Regalia Box is thinner in the size of its package in comparison with its predecessors. Figma Tamamo no Mae is there just to show scale, she is sold separately. :P


Regalia comes with an assortment of goodies, including the Fate/Extella Material art book, the PS4 game itself, a 1st release bonus DLC card (Pure Night Dress costume for Nero and Artoria) and a store bonus. 


The store specific bonus, in my case from Amiami, is a gloriously detailed A3 sized tapestry print of Tama and nero swapping their default outfits with one another.

The tapestry is currently on display in my room so I can fest my eyes upon Tamamo Claudius and Nero no Mae. XDc


The main game itself has the PS4 Bluray disc in a nice sakura-pink print, a modest starting manual as well as another DLC card.

For a physical manual of a modern day game, the many pages of the fully coloured booklet feels very premium today as only a single sheet of paper of simplified instructions are a norm for many console games.

The DLC card allow you to redeem a special Nero Bride costume for Nero, which can be accessed via the Closet section in the game.


Protected by a golden sleeve, the Fate/Extella Material art book is filled with many concept arts and character sheet, as well as an assortment of detailed glossary of term used in the Fate/Extra universe.


To date, I’ve completed Nero’s route (Flame Psalm) in the Main Story, working to finish Tamamo’s route (Orchid Psalm) right now.

I’ve taken the liberty of recording my own play-through, upped upon my Youtube channel.

Please take a look if you are so desired. =w=

The rest of Nero’s play though is on the play list itself, with Tamamo’s coming soon… w


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